I was insulted and may have over reacted at a resteruant. Opinions?

Me and four other friends went to Cheddars a cafe here in town. I get my usual, chicken caesar pasta salad without the chicken. I like the caesar salad with the pasta in it. It is my favorite salad ofcourse without the chicken. My waitor gives me the salad with chicken on it. To me no big deal, so I told him I asked for no chicken. He goes are you a vegetarian? I said yes. He told me he would go make me a new one. Not even 2 mins later I get the salad back and the honey bun on a seperate plate but on my salad plate there is residue of where my honey bun has been and it looked as if they picked the chicken out. I search through my salad I find two chunks of chicken. I was mad. This was so rude it goes against my beliefs. I found this so insulting . I am not the type of vegetarian that would eat stuff with the meat just picked off. If I would have been okay with that I would have picked the meat out myself. I feel as if its already cooked in. It grosses me out. So my waitor gives me this sob story of how it is not his fault his brothers a vegan and I was cool with him because at first we all agreed not to tip the guy but then ofcourse we did since we realized it is not his fault. I demanded the salad to be taken off the bill. The manager did not even come speak with me or apoloygize but offered only a free 99 cent dessert mini through my waitor. I think I deserved  a monster cookie and an apology from the manager. If that would have happened I woould not be complaining right now. I feel like they insulted what I believe in. So I went to the Cheddar's  contact us and I started out my comment: Cheddar's is not vegetarian friendly and goes against your beliefs. Here is one of the many forums I have posted on about your disrespectful service here in *** ohio. Then I will copy and paste what I said above. Am I over reacting? I talked to my mom about it she was like I would have flipped out and made a scene. She is a meat eater but she does not like any type of bird. I don't know I am just strong when it comes to meat in or around my food.

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In a perfect world, yes. But most of us have carnivorous friends we like to eat with.

Additionally, I would need to drive thirty miles to find a vegan restaurant, and I enjoy eating out.

Most chefs - excluding those at chains - are happily challenged by us, and enjoying creating something.  It may often involve a veggie wrap or pasta with veg, but every now and then I'm happily surprised.

The best way to win a chef's support is to be polite and leave the rudeness at home.  If that doesn't work, leave and don't come back.  There are other restaurants.

I don't think you overreacted. I feel the same way when there's meat on top of my food. The manager should have come and apologized to you and taken the salad off the bill. You have my support!

Flip out, leave and don't go back and laugh about your freak out outside.  i always say I have an alergy to animal products and it seems to work even though I'm pretty sure that doesn't exist

Flip out, leave and don't go back and laugh about your freak out outside.  I always say I have an alergy to animal products and it seems to work even though I'm pretty sure that doesn't exist.

As long as you didn't make a scene and take it out on the poor waiter, you did not over-react. 

Keep in mind that in some peoples' view, you represent all of us - and you kind of do.

The restaurant was absolutely wrong,  If they refused to make the changes you requested (and that's exactly what good restaurants do), my resort would be to walk out the door, dignity hopefully intact, and post everywhere and tell everyone.

Oh and if you are really really mad most restaurants use propane.  Go to the dollar store and buy a pad lock.  Find their propane tanks and switch the lever to the off position and lock it there, preferably in the middle of a busy lunch/dinner service.  It will take them time to even realize what happened forget about dealing with it.  You'll screw them over bad.  Maybe you under reacted.

Hi there! You are not over reacting at all! Let's take a second to think - and what if you were actually allergic to some ingridient, that you specifficaly requested to be removed? It is the same thing! If there is an option to not cook something with a specific item - it is the restaurant's full responsibility to comply to your request! And yes, you should have received a proper appologie! If I was in your position - I would actually react far more over the top to the situation!

Hey Brenna! Its sad to know that your experience was not so good at Cheddar's. I know how you would be feeling even after suggesting the waiter that you are a vegetarian. Anyone would have reacted the same way. Its commendable that you kept your cool. Often managers are ignorant regarding such issues, which is bad.

No, you weren't over-reacting. A person like me, who hasn't eaten any flesh in years would have gotten severely sick from eating that food. Those attitudes aren't vegetarian friendly at all. When I find an issue with my food, I ask them to leave the original plate until they make the new one, so that I know if is actually new.


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