If humans did need meat and animal products to survive, would you have gone veg*n in the first place?

I feel like I want to get something off my chest and I know someone is probably going to criticize me for it. Anyways the reason I'm vegan is because I know for a fact that we don't need meat and animal product to survive. With that said, it's wrong to use animals for food since it's unnecessary. However if we humans did need meat and animal product then I would still be eating meat and animal products.

How about you? 

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Absolutely, I would. I find being veggie and these types of scenarios are not related though. Being veggie is about being kind and reducing harm (for some); self preservation is the right of every being. There are certain animals that HAVE to eat meat, you cannot fault a carnivore for being what it is. While it would make me sad (and nauseated) to have to eat animals, if I absolutely needed to consume flesh to survive, I would. That is why we can't fault certain countries, where things like fish are their only source of protein.  

Same way in the scenario if a wild animal was attacking me or my family- I would attack that animal in return to save my life, or the life of someone else. 

I agree :)

I suppose it depends on whether or not I could stand how sick I'd be before I died. But in such a world, there would be no idea of vegetarianism. It'd be like asking if you would choose to breath in argon instead of oxygen. So it wouldn't come up. As much as I like "what ifs," I find this akin to the "what if plants felt pain" scenario. I do get what you're saying though and I don't think being honest about it is something you should be criticized for.

Probably. I went vegan because I felt guilty knowing what my actions did to animals.... and way before I had done any research on vegan health, health benefits and etc.

I would. It's also similar to the question...if you were lost in the wild and there was no type of edible vegetation, but there were some wild animals around...would you kill them to survive? Of course you would, human beings are animals too and an animals natural instinct is to survive. How could you think otherwise?

I think otherwise. 

Fair enough, but commiting suicide isn't high up on my list.

Is that what I said?

In my opinion I think we are natural herbivores, I also think our natural instincts are completely lost on us. I'm one of those vegans that would never put an animals life above my own and just decide to eat it to keep me living a bit longer.

If there's no vegetation then I'm obviously not supposed to live much longer. 

Yeah, see that's morbid thinking to me, but I just feel that put in that position you might think differently. When you starve, your body goes into shock and you can get delirious. The need for food takes over and you simply do what you can without bringing emotion or thought into it. But obviously yes, if I could withstand then I would. We live in a cushty society where it's so easy to be a vegetarian, so we should never have to be in such a position to find out otherwise. =) 

^^ Agreed. Once you're in starvation, trust me your ethics will slip out the door. It's a very long, painful process, and you literally lose your mind. People have been known obviously to eat other people, something they'd previously never have thought themselves capable of I'm sure.

I think it depends on the person... as people react differently to situations. I know without a doubt I wouldn't be able to do it.

The need for food takes over... sure. But I wouldn't see another human or animal as food, I'd rather eat sand or tree bark, they are as much of a substance as any. If vegetation resources were lost on me I believe I would perhaps just let myself be as I wouldn't be able to end my own life purposefully. Survival wouldn't be that important to me, it just is what it is.

And most people when faced with this question would answer, I would eat whatever said animal was eating as long as it wasn't carnivorous lol.

I know myself. I know what I am like in my own life, I know the situations I've been in personally. And although I appreciate that you think differently, I do know my own mind very well. I have been in desperate situations, so I can only can go on my own experiences. Its the only thing in life that I am sure of.


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