If you could be any animal, which animal would it be?

This post is just for a bit of fun.

I think I would like to be a Elephant, because it is a massive herbivore that can hold its own and they look very cool!

Poachers could be my only downside maybe?

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I wouldn't mind being a Dog as long as it was well looked after, maybe a German Shepard


I want to be a sloth, because they are cute and move very slow :-)

you are too hardworking and too good with your time to be a sloth! but yes that video is SOO cute!

I would to be human :P

Good choice! 

Nice question:) Luciano took my 1st choice. I think my 2nd choice would a black stallion. Panthers are a close 3rd...

Being a horse could be cool I guess, not sure i would want my hooves done though! :S

Thats definitely up there, imagine being able to image in ultrasound! Amazing!

i like being a human, but if i had to choose.. probably a penguine - get to "fly" through the ocean!

penguins are cool!

a cat ..lazying in a sun tap!

Jess you are too kind to be a selfish cat!


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