If you could be any animal, which animal would it be?

This post is just for a bit of fun.

I think I would like to be a Elephant, because it is a massive herbivore that can hold its own and they look very cool!

Poachers could be my only downside maybe?

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as a street DOG of KOLKATA , in Kalighat area , in South Calcutta , West Bengal , with free access to all household of the area , with Free n Fare Right to bite the right PERSON / s around ...

i would definitely be a bird! the migrating kind, so i can see the world!

Dogs. No points for guessing. I'd love to be an off white labrador or a brown daschund. Coz I love dogs. Happy diwali. Dachshund dog in the grassPhoto of dogs

oh lovely I like labradors, they look so wise and loyal! what day was Diwali? Im so slow :S

Diwali - 2nd and 3rd Nov

I would like to be an Aye Aye. They're strangely cute! or a monkey :)

Aaaw, that video was awesome, and I'm no longer in doubt.. Aye Aye FTW!

Very cute! but a meat eater :S

I love elephants too. Their life is a bit precarious. Poaching,circus's,lack of food,and loss of habitat. I think I would be any animal....as long as I was the caretaker.


oh i forgot about the circus, that would suck :(


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