If you could be any animal, which animal would it be?

This post is just for a bit of fun.

I think I would like to be a Elephant, because it is a massive herbivore that can hold its own and they look very cool!

Poachers could be my only downside maybe?

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i have a lot more respect for wolfs after watching this 

if i were animal i would be a  dog , have the same feelings with people and are faithfull to their boss until the end of their lives......

Pinguin : ))

im a wombat.. vegie, aussie, lazy, killer big bum. by killer i mean literally, they run down their burrows and crush dingoes heads with their bums! or a panda. eat all day. low sex drive, not very social, but when raised socially they like to party with their friends. not aggressive but if threatened can tear you apart. 

Omg! how cute is a Wombat?! I never even knew they existed before :/

you learn something new everyday. ;)

A vegetarian cat - as far as practible. I would spend the whole day sleeping and eating :D

A vegetarian cat sounds good :) maybe i can bring my owner carrots as gifts instead of dead rats  :D

I would like to be a famous endangered specie, my life would be less riskier that way.
And ya Not to forget all the media attention I would get :D

Ahh I've always wanted to be a wolf! Such beautiful creatures... If not a wolf I would like to be horse or any cat-animal :) 

Wolf seems to be a popular choice :)

I'd definitely like to be a sea panda :) having no natural enemies and a huge area to explore while being super intelligent is all you can hope for as an animal ;)


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