If you had unlimited funds, what would you do to help our animal friends?

I would buy billboard space and place PETA messages on them. Sometimes people need to know hard reality to make changes!  My favorite personal message would be, "Be kind to animals. Don't eat them." I hear people constantly talking about how they are animal lovers, but they still want their steak, chicken, and bacon.

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No one can say that a child killer truly loves children. The same goes with animals.

I would hire burly behemoths to stand or swim or fly between all animals in danger and the people who mean them harm.  

I like that!

Unlimited funds? I would want to end world hunger first, I'm sure it could be tied in with eating veg though :)

Yes. Through the means of vegetarian meals and preparation and growing...YES!!!!!

Well, I will quit my job as a teacher and devote into activism for animal rights. LOL.

Okay, if I have unlimited funds, I will start a vegan restaurant featuring Malaysian favourites and a pastry house, so that I can sell yummy food to people minus the cruelty. Part of the earnings will go to animal right organizations. Besides, I will write books on animal rights and vegetarianism to educate the public. How about a cooking class for families?

OMG I'm high with food, food, FOOD, so my effort basically revolves around food and diet. Nevertheless, I think the best way to advocate animal rights is to start simple and blend it into our lives, e.g. through our dinner plates.

ACTIVISM! I would set up free vet-clinics. Creat a fund for organic farmers and do all I can to put Monsanto out of business and provide jobs for all the displaced workers from the collapse of said company.


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