If you have your own laying hens who are well looked after and have the ability to roam free in your back yard what is the harm in eating their eggs?


They are unfertilised!


Any thoughts on this. I only eat free range eggs myself but hope to have my own in years to come!



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For me consequences and intentions matter.
Eggs even unfertilized doesn't mean I eat eggs. Reason being is that egg would be unfertilized just because for me. For me its like a foetus which killed in a womb.

Well said, Amit!

Using what little logic I can glean I assume that your argument means that any woman that fails to get pregnant every month is a potential baby murderer and should be charged with infanticide!

Before your assumption.

My question Is there any intention to kill that child ? 

Carole: even if your assumption were considered valid, would you like someone else taking that decision [of what to do with your egg] for you?

abso.correct Srikanth :)

if that child died due to some medical complications then it's a different issues and won't be called as foeticide in mother womb or Miscarriage intentionally.

But if that child is killed by anyone intentionally then this was termed as i claimed., and the process of Unfertilization of eggs you should know what method they used. and the method used is indirectly same as a mother/father aborted there child. 

Now sister take a assumption will reply you later.

thank you take care.

No matter how much you delude yourself, an unfertilised egg is a waste product. The chickens are not emotionally attached to them any more than you are attached to any of your body's waste products. The average woman doesn't care what happens to an unfertilised egg once it leaves her body - in fact most women are completely unaware that they have passed an unfertilised egg.

Periods are a waste too! That's exactly what i have been trying to say to you! CLOACAL aperture -- waste -- periods -- waste. Get it?
Again, judging any issue by YOUR moral standards alone (or your ignorance, or should we settle for "your carelessness" for it) is not helping your point of this discussion very much. Are you including the hen in your considerations? THAT is the point. Or are we just assuming that what is waste for them can be controlled by us so long as OUR interests are what matter first!

And by the way, i could care less about what an egg really is or not. Feel free to scramble up hen periods for your breakfast every single day, for all i care, but i just don't think we should be eating it, whether or not the issue is about raising the bearer of these eggs or deputising someone else to do the job for you and buying it off a supermarket! 

There are other very sound reasons for not eating it, and three of those are health, health and finally health. 

So if you are such a tree hugger and your concern is for the environment what on earth are you doing wasting precious resources and contaminating the planet by using a computer which contains untold quantities of heavy meatals and toxic rare earth minerals, not to mention the environmental damage caused by the electricity that you need to power your computer and the horrendous environmental consequences of the mining and processing of the materials used to build such technology in the first place. Don't you think its hypochritical to cherry-pick aspects of the environment that you have declared sacred whilst completely disregarding whole areas and ignoring the huge amount of environmental damage and environment destruction caused by your support of technology and power industries. In addition, speculating about some non-existing technology that may be able at some point in the future to make infertile organic material fertile is ridiculous. Your argument would require you to ensure that you collect all your skin cells and body waste to ensure that no secret laboratory could harvest your DNA and create a clone.

You have left the bounds of rational argument and are in a world of lunatic conspiracy theories. Perhaps you should take some time (offline preferably) to invstigate the viability of infertile eggs so that you actually understand the science rather than making decisions based on some arbitary ideology that you seem to have plucked out of the sky.

I have the utmost respect for other animals and do my utmost to ensure their welfare but to treat infertile waste products as if they are scared property or somehow sentient beings is even more ridiculous than claiming that eating fruits and vegetables is plant murder. Using your rationale how do you justify eating FERTILE fruit and vegetables using some arbitary moral code that suits your agenda.
I am not the one cherry picking. You are!

My central points about egg-consumption were to do with ethics (morality) and health & hygiene. YOU brought up the environment.
Even so, to take you on this argument, let me reiterate that i did not need YOUR verbose explanation regarding the computers/electricity and the environment. I know what goes into technology and i never claimed it to be free of its share in environmental damage. Even so, your elaborate theories on them, like they pose a bigger problem to our world right now is both exaggerated and wild.

Right now technology is helping solve the information problem which is a HUGE merit, besides the fact that we're finding newer and newer ways to pollute lesser with infotech.
Going by your line of reasoning people shouldn't even be raising any awareness on the problem, via their films, petitions, websites, blogs, nothing. Sounds self-defeating to me!

And your rational about fruits and veggies having life and therefore we're "murdering them too" is almost as preposterous as your claim to having "utmost respect" for animals. Utmost?? And you can't even give up eggs or your vain notion that you have a right to do whatever you like with their waste? HA!
Sure, plants have life but you're missing the central principle of nature itself here, which is LIFE EATS LIFE. You can't do anything about that. We shouldn't be eating dead stuff (read "animals", eggs or even plants cooked to their death! The real natural food is 'raw'). Now, if we were natural carnivores, or even an omnivores, there would be no moral impact in our consuming animals. Because we'd be eating what we're designed to eat, and we'd be eating it raw! There is no moral argument against animals consuming what they are designed to eat. However, did you know that humans are 100% herbivore, genius?
Our dentition, digestive system, enzymatic processes, lengths of our alimentary canals, lack of claws or TRUE canines (and before you blurt out your ignorance, ALL herbivores have rudimentary canines too, for crushing hard fruit like apples) are all 100% herbivore traits!

THAT IS WHY it's not correct to be consuming animal produce - not only because our systems do not process it properly (science) but because it is a natural violation (ethics)! THAT IS WHY true carnivores do not end up with BP or cholesterol, because their systems are designed to handle and push through the decaying content of their alimentary canals.

And fine let's grant your silly theory of us "murdering plants" but here's the point your shallow brain missed out - it would STILL be sensible to consume plants, know why? Because that's going directly to the sources, rather than multiplying the problem by consuming animals + plants, and don't forget the resources used in feeding those animals with guess what, PLANTS! So you're actually doubling the consumption cycle by feeding the animals first and then consuming THEIR produce!

And about your point that i pulled out from the sky, well, it was only a supposition, if you even know what that means, to elucidate a point you clearly don't WANT to understand.
I am just trying to tell you about the ridiculous nature of meddling about with another animals lifecycle. YOU called it waste, doesn't really make it a waste for the hen. If it likes, it may very well sit on them and hatch them!

I can talk with someone who is humble enough to know they want to learn, not with someone who already thinks they've thought through the problem when their brain isn't capable of handling it.

You need some serious research to get your facts and your values straight.
I suggest you start here:

And read all those links so you can understand the facts.
There's even one link for your ridiculous "killing plants" balderdash!

The argument isn't about being 100% vegan. It's about trying as best as you can and improving each day. Clearly, in your self-eulogizing trip, you are happy to live in this illusion that you are doing 'enough' but read and research more and you will know that this is a journey, not some destination, where you stop and think you've done enough having turned vegetarian!
Who gave you the right to declare that humans have the right to fruits and vegetables and not animals? Irrespective of that point, if your argument is based on whether an animal is sentient, the last time I checked infertile chicken eggs are not sentient in any way and show no aversion to pain. In addition chickens, having laid an infertile egg will happily ignore it and leave it to rot.

Research indicates that plants do respond to injury and, as such, who are you to say that they do not feel pain?


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