If you have your own laying hens who are well looked after and have the ability to roam free in your back yard what is the harm in eating their eggs?


They are unfertilised!


Any thoughts on this. I only eat free range eggs myself but hope to have my own in years to come!



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Well said :)!!

Male chicks are [sadly] ground up alive in egg factories because they are of no economic value to the industry.
Incidentally this is another reason why vegans do not take eggs - because the whole industry is one harmoniously-choreographed death routine. Just like veal meat comes from male calves that are useless to the dairy industry. These industries arose from what we view as 'harmless' - i.e. the dairy industry, or the egg industry. It is this seemingly harmless industry that gives rise to such practices, where the "by-products" are dealt with in a Cartesian ruthlessness.

So when you consume that occasional glass of innocuous-looking milk, or a harmless-looking cheese omelette or such, please spend a moment to think about the sister industries that have resulted from them. Often enough, there's more cruelty there than in direct meat-eating!

Right after they are hatched, they are separated from the females and sent on a conveyer belt to get grounded up alive or stuck in a huge plastic bag so they can suffocate to death. Sounds too cruel to be true, but that's the reality.

All the chicks are sexed as they come down the conveyor line.  The males are tossed into a grinder on the spot, or tossed into a bin until it's full then they are taken away to be thrown out or ground up, all while still alive of course. It is horrible what the chicken industry does for eggs.

they are either ground up alive, suffocated in trash bags or just thrown in dumpsters to slowly die.

The male chicks are being killed at birth (gassed, thrown in a grinder while still alive or simply suffocated in a garbage bag) because they are of no commercial value and have no use as broiler chickens because they are genetically engineered to lay eggs. When laying hens don't meet the "laying quota" they will still be killed for meat consumption or dog-food or whatever, so the suffering remains. There is no such thing as humane eggs for consumption, just as there is no "humane" meat...in the end the animals still suffer for our selfish needs. 

By choosing to become vegan, you make the statement of refusing to support any killing of animals, enslaving them or using them or their secretions for your own ends. Nobody is perfect and even as a vegan you can never guarantee 100%, but the idea behind it is to cause the least harm possible. 

Check out the website of bitesizevegan.com, it's a good resource about anything you want to know about veganism and the hidden cruelty of animal products we assume are harmless. 

Good luck

I'm vegan and I think that if they're your own hens, feel free(: I'm certainly not the strictest vegan out there, and in my opinion if the hens are treated humanely, then what's the problem with eating their eggs? Personally though, I'm not a big fan of eggs and won't be eating them anytime soon, but for everyone else, go for it!

as eggs are concerned after been on a vegetarian diet for 35 years and lately i have taken milk off too. Its the smell that from the eggs that turns me off. I am sorry it that offends anyone.

Honestly, if you have your own chickens and they're unfertilized, then I think it's really your choice if you're coming at it from an animal cruelty perspective. I am vegan, but I have to admit, I'm not a very good vegan because I have a hard time avoiding dairy and eggs sometimes when I go out to eat or when I go to a friend's place to eat (although most are very accommodating). If the chickens are being treated well, and your conscience is clear, then go for it. It's really about your choice, and not necessarily living up to others' standards

I will say, however, to be careful about buying free range eggs, as that label really doesn't mean anything at all in terms of animal cruelty. I had looked into using certified humane eggs, but on looking at the requirements, I realized that it's certainly a lot better, but clearly the chickens are still not in a natural environment with a minimal amount of stress if they still need to be debeaked to avoid cannibalism.

i agree, im vegan n i sometimes find it hard toot eat eggs, i will only eat of i knw the chickens.so if u know where the eggs are coming from then i think its fine to eat them.. their not getting harmed or anything so why not? its upto you what u eat n not eat jus because u have the label "vegan" doesnt mean u have to follow everyone elses rules on what not to eat etc :)

if ur happy then thats all that matters, ur still helping animlas and environment, just remember that :)

well said.

thanks :)

i mean it did take me awhile to stop eating eggs cos i love them for breaky but as said earlier as long as ur happy eating them then who cares :)

i was vegetarian first and now im vegan cos everyone goes about it differently and takes different steps at doing things.. so if u know their treated right and unfertilised then i dont really see any harm in eating them..

i now have tofu instead for a breaky thing, took awhile to get used to haha..but i feel its worth it :)

do what makes u feel happy!!

peace out friends


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