i am vegetarian, am going to become vegan, but beacuse im not working atm and living with mother i cant afford to buy all the non dairy produts.. i know this is what i want to do, but the only thing is i love eggs..is there anything i can have that would taste like scambled eggs etc? and is it bad if i still eat fish? anyone pls comment back :)

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Well, vegans don't eat fish, but it's your life you can do what you want. As for egg substitute, there are many artificial scrambled eggs made from tofu. Some stores sell them frozen.

thanks guys!! appreciate ur help..

i will stop eating fish eventually, once i go fully vegan the fish will stop also..but as some of u said i will go step by step :) its vegan that i want to be so its vegan i will be :)

thanks again!!

It's great that you're working on going vegan. Do you consider yourself a vegetarian? Vegetarians do not eat fish.

I commend you on wanting to go vegan :) I notice this was posted last year- have you made an update since then? Let us know how it's been going :)!

Hey im living with my mom too. She is very... strange.. So im cooking everything on my own since i am vegan. And a long time before but this is a other story... We have not much money so as you can see, you can be vegan without much money. You do not need to buy these things from the store. In the internet are many good recipes that are cheap and easy to cook. I have not found a product that taste like eggs but im sure there will be one. Of course vegan means nothing to eat from animals and fish are animals too. But even if you just dont eat meat and milk or only no meat it help the world a lot! So dont be too hard to yourself at the beginning. I ate not vegan chocolate and sometimes i drank milk... But now i can call myself a vegan. Just try it! I hope you could understand everything my english is not so good

All very well said, Saskia.

You can make a tofu scramble to replace scrambled eggs. There are probably many recipes available via Google. I'd say that you won't notice the difference, but that's from my veg* perspective. I haven't eaten scrambles eggs in close to 30 years, so the taste might seem unusual to me if I were to eat some today.

I'd like to offer two other thoughts about making the transition to animal-product eater to non. Like any transition, a sudden, radical change may not be very appealing, and could result in failure. You may want to begin by mixing vegan replacements with your non-vegan items (i.e. combine cheese and tofu.) That said, if you believe you can handle a fast, total change, go for it.

The core of any diet should be fresh fruits and vegetables, to the greatest extent possible, with as much variety as can be managed.

One more thing. There are many questions about the health effects of unfermented soy. So, while tofu may be okay as a transitional aid, I would not recommend it in the long run. Try tempeh, if you can.

I'm in transition, too, and I'm also unemployed. I find myself buying a lot of canned black beans, canned chick peas, canned nuts. Don't like the canned greens so much but get them frozen. I especially love the winter squash that you find in frozen blocks. These items are affordable enough for any budget. About eggs, idk. I would suggest you experiment with tofu, but tofu is an acquired taste. It's not "bad" to eat eggs and fish, but when you are back on your feet you may want to research how they are farmed.

We all make compromises in life. I have eight cats, and a cat on a vegetarian diet will go blind and slip into heart failure. 

Good luck to you.

I am on a very low income ( under achiever for life lol) but I found that the money I save on NOT buying meat cheese and I can use to buy the carton of almond milk or vegan butter. Also whole produce is not that expensive. Beans, rice and lentils are staples for me. The best think I ever did was learn how to be creative in the kitchen and cook all my meals from scratch as much as possible. As mentioned before TOFU SCRAMBLE IS THE BOMB! I have great recipe if you would like it. PS I'm a huge comic book nerd so kiddos for the Wonder Woman cos-play. Peace and hug a pig if can!

http://blog.nativefoods.com/nativefoods/2013/04/   Great recipes for "steak" and shrimp "scampi".


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