Inflammatory gut disorder / Crohn's on Vegan diet = a success

This is a feedback about a topic I posted about months ago.

I was diagnosed with Crohn's some years ago.
Refused surgery. Started SCD diet (Book : Breaking the Vicious - H. Gottschall)
Instant improvement in many ways but still not completely well.
Then the idea of completely writing off animal products started to make more sense in conjunction with the SCD Diet.
PB : being a vegan implies eating soy, nuts, cereals, legumes, seeds, various carbs which are on the list of "illegal foods" on the SCD plan.

After several months of near veganism : the results are excelent.
Why ? My idea is, meat or animal products (fish, etc.) tend to rot more than being digested in the intestine. Which feeds crohn's pathogens.
Other animal products : lactose not good for inflammed gut. Fat of animal origin : ditto. Honey and pollen : also not good for leaky gut (despite what a lot of lazy docs will say, honey is not always good for health, only proper nutrionists and doctors who keep informed of more recent research will explain).

Exercise everyday even if only 10 mn walk VERY IMPORTANT.

Yoga has been a great help too.

- So far no anemia or lack of any vitamins.
- Skin, hair, energy level are all slowly but surely getting better.
- Better sleep.
- Next to no joint pain.
- Much much better mood (improved 300%!!!)
- Much happier to almost perfect tummy & gut (no graphic details, crohnies will understand)
- Next to no gaz (I know some chicks who'd love to pretend they are perfect, don't fart... well... It's possible !!!
- Now able to run for 5 mn non stop.
- Cognitive functions were impaired : now getting back in order.
- And much much more.

I am far from being back to my old self, I would say I have done 30/40% of the job.
But these % are crucial.
Before becoming vegan, with the SCD alone, I got back 15/20% of my health (which was already huge)
Energy level is way better than 2 years back :
I could not stand up or focus on a discussion more than 2/3 minutes (not a figure of speech), would sleep around 15 hours per day and mostly be "unavailable" rest of the time.
Had terrible pain in joints, bones, muscles, severe headaches,
Could not stand any food (even water was painful), severe digestive problems, could not walk due to extreme pain in all digestive system.
Multiple skin problems.
Etc. etc.

I have not touched any of the illegal foods according to the SCD. I follow it fanatically.
My diet has a good portion of dark green veges,
Colourful plates,

Initially only ate cooked veges to go easy on a traumatised gut.
Now started to have a big raw salad for lunch (for instance, raw carrot, raw celery, raw apple with olive oil).
The last non vegan item in my food list was egg which were kept due the long list of vegan food items I am intolerant to.
Egg succesfully replaced by avocado.

Do take Vitamin B complex including B12 sometimes during a period of time but not always.

Going easy on sugar, a little bit and strictly dark brown cane sugar (very very dark).

Used to have carbs and sugar cravings at the beginning of SCD diet then at begining of vegan diet. This is due to the fact that those two are highly addictive. I was prepared, when the craving cames, it was really tough but knowing it was an artificial reaction helped resist (the will to get back on my feet too :-)

Source of Omega 3 : best quality linseed oil kept in a black bottle in the fridge. Works wonders.

Anti-inflammatory foods that have helped :
blueberries (very important once gut starts to heal)
ginger (fresh - yes possible on tender gut, can work wonders)
olive oil (good serving every meal)
coconut oil
flaxseed oil (vegan omega 3 - very important)

Very big breakfast, good lunch, light diner (also important).

Why reducing sugar so much ?
Because pathogens feed on it. Did not cut it completely because necessary for brain.

Other changes : definitely intolerant to cereals (not allergic but similarly bad)
No product containing cereals or derived products in the pharmacy : cosmetics (lipsticks), shampoo (often has wheat especially organic or crualty free), face lotion, etc.

Replacing most medicine by aromatherapy and phytotherapy as days and common ailments goes.

So far so good.

I will next try to see how aromatherapy can help for inflammatory conditions.



- HER SCD DIET SHOULD BE FOLLOWED IN AN ABSOLUTE FANATIC WAY (don't listen to self appointed specialists over the web, there is a load of crap, Gottschall was a researcher, her daughter had a life threatening inflammatory condition).

- BUY FRESH FROM THE MARKET ORGANIC VEGES (reason is farmer picks it the same morning or at worst day before market so little loss in quality, those veges will give you such a boost you will feel the difference with supermarket veges.)

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