Is anybody else stuck on what to do for an ethical career?

I'm at a place right now, where I don't know what to do. I'm thinking of setting up a business and creating jobs for veggie people because I think it's the only thing I can do? 

But to get a job in this world working for someone else seems difficult, especially if they themselves are veggie. I would never work with meat or dairy so it cuts down the job opportunities a lot. And I don't know if anybody owns a veggie restaurant on here....... but why oh why is it the meat eaters that get employed in a veggie cafe for example over a veggie person. It really annoys me. 

So yeah that's my part question, part rant. Over :) 

(although I am referring to the situation in England, UK, it might be different elsewhere?)

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Yeah that's the problem, I have come across cafes that want volunteers. But at least you will have the experience of working in a veggie cafe to then move on to a paid cafe job? I would like a temporary job working in a veggie cafe but I'm up against meat eaters with experience and they get the job in veggie cafe....when they could go work pretty much any where :S 

I actually feel the same...and I'd like to get a job in a vegan place...or in a herbalist...since I'm started to study nutrition and naturopathy I'm really going into the intollerance of working in a unfriendly enviroment....but it's not easy  :(

I am planning to go to college for four years, then going into a veterinary school. (: I wanted to stop eating animals, and then help to heal them! <3 I'm in my senior year of high school, so this is a dream that I can accomplish very soon, I hope!

I work for an animal hospital. I assumed that the people I worked with would be like minded. You should know that this will not necessarily be true! There are only three vegetarians that work at our clinic. In fact, my boss loves to BBQ meat, it's one of his favorite pastimes and he even eats foui gras. I got into an argument with a coworker yesterday who said she saw no problem with bullfighting and would attend a bullfight if she had the chance. :(

I'm a health and family advocate. I work with at risk clients. It is worthwhile work and not easy. feels good to leave work at the end of the day and know that you're helping folks

I was going to be a dietitian, after turning vegan, I want to try and become more specialized and help other people who want to go vegan with their diets.

Good luck on your job hunt :) I'm sure you'll find something great.


Oh I still am :) I think I made that comment before I started classes, can't recall haha.

I'm a certified pedorthist (foot & ankle specialist who designs,fabricates, modifies and fits footwear, foot orthotics and braces for people with various diseases and disorders of the lower extremity). I help make people's feet happy and enable them to walk again. I work with those who have diabetes, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, polio, etc. It's a very rewarding field. I also educate my diabetic patients on not only caring for their feet, but their diet as well. Because diet affects their blood glucose levels, when those levels rise and stay high neuropathy can set in and amputations can result. My plan is to become a holistic health coach specializing in diabetics, so I can educate and inform them that diabetes type 2 is curable with diet.

Ever since I have gone organic, high-raw vegetarian, I have lost 140 lbs. I feel amazing, better than I have in over 30 years, and am only 45 pounds from my goal weight. I have learned a lot about food as medicine and how it can heal disease and increase longevity. I also learned greater appreciation for our animal friends. I cannot even imagine ever eating them again. I want to educate everyone I know and improve the lives of others. That is why my goal is to become a health coach. I would also like to eventually go vegan.

BTW: I am new to this forum, and am looking forward to learning much from everyone here. :D

the concept itself of career is not very ethical

If you do start this business, it really shouldn't matter what your employee's diet choice are. Same with jobs you want to work at. Those employers don't care, or I'd hope not. Like, I'm in college to be an engineer. Diet choice is literally 0 part of that job. Unless you really want a career working with food or serving people, being vegan shouldn't alter your decisions.

Funnily enough I was actually reading George Monbiot's career advice on his website earlier today and found it very interesting. It's written in the context of journalism but much of the thought behind the article is probably transferable.

Anyway, I'm slightly in agreement with vaiva; a career isn't necessarily something to aspire towards if you're concerned about the ethics of the modern economy and capitalism. I think it's well worth reading books like 'The Moneyless Man' and 'the Moneyless Manifesto' (free to read here) by Mark Boyle and 'How to be Free' by Tom Hodgkinson - they really helped me challenge the modern preconceptions I'd picked up from school and living a 'normal' life.


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