dear friends , i like to share my experiences & findings on this subject till date.

I see that cows give milk more than what is required for the calf. this i have personally checked it. This is applicable for human also. Healthy Women get breast milk more than required for child. Some times it spill out with out forcing. If milk is not taken out for some time, it gets solidified and causes pain in breast and consequently fever. So all female animals also get milk more than the need of baby. It depends on how much food , water they drink and its body strength. 

So it is not bad to utilize animals milk for nutrition. 

Only thing is , artificial production of milk , by harmonic injections which would deteriorate the health of animal to be avoided. SO the campaign that "Donot drink animal milk" has to be modified in to "Invest & Grow more cows for natural milk " would be right campaign. 

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Hello Chiranjeevi,

You absolutely cannot promote milk on a vegan/vegetarian site. And, your premise for promoting is very erroneous and promotes exploitation of cows for their secretions. Where else in the nature do you come across an organism drinking milk from another species besides it's own? None!! Except humans. Dog milk for puppies, cat milk for kitties, giraffe milk for baby giraffes, human milk for human babies - similarly cow milk for calves. Period.

Here's how I would address your questions. Please read them through.

One of the most common defenses of exploiting animal motherhood that we hear from dairy farmers is "Cows make way more milk than a calf could consume. They need to be milked." While it is true that cows on modern dairy farms now produce (or can be made to produce) far more milk than a calf needs, this is only because they have been genetically manipulated through decades of selective breeding to overproduce. Please read up on what oxytocin injections are used for in the Indian dairy industry.  It is NOT the case that cow mothers used for dairy naturally make a massive surplus of milk; this is a result of exploitation. And the fact that humans have manipulated the bodies of cows to produce more milk than they are meant to produce is not a moral justification for dairy farming. Those cows wouldn't be making all that milk if they hadn't been first bred into existence to be forcibly impregnated (or, more rarely, impregnated by a bull in a controlled environment) so they will give birth and begin lactating. The fact that lactating cows in the dairy industry now produce an excess of milk is not a justification for exploiting them. They shouldn't be being bred into existence at all... no one should be brought into the world for the purpose of having their babies and breast milk stolen for profit.

Secondly: if claims about the need to milk cows of their excess milk were truly being made from a place of concern for the cow's wellbeing, and not from a profit-driven, exploitative motive, then the cow's baby would not be stolen from her and her mothering relationship would not be invaded and destroyed for the purpose of stealing and selling her milk. Instead, mother and baby would be left unmolested and, as multiple caregivers at sanctuaries which rescue cows and calves, and goats and kids, from the dairy industry have told me, the mother's lactation will eventually self regulate and recalibrate to meet only the needs and demands of her baby. In the rare case that this may not happen, then the mothers are milked only as needed to keep them comfortable, and the excess milk is donated to sanctuaries and rescues who can use it for rescued calves and kids.

I am a mother myself and hence speaking from a personal perspective. What I do with the surplus milk produced in my body should be my business and only given away with my consent. Obviously no consent is sought from the cows and as a mammal a cow produces milk only for her babies and not for overgrown human babies.

Cows are exploited for milk , Agreed. 

It is not right from our ( human) end ..agreed.

But is this your point for not drinking milk ,

Suppose if cows are given enough green leaves and only surplus milk is being used by man , is this acceptable to you ?

No milk of a mammal is surplus milk. I am a mammal and a mother, so I would know. Also haven't I already stated that a mother's lactation will eventually self regulate and recalibrate to meet only the needs and demands of her baby. In the rare case that this may not happen, then the mothers need be milked only as needed to keep them comfortable with the milk donated to the sanctuaries. Why must we consume the milk not meant for us? Also you seem to have not read my response in entirety because there are other ethical implications that you are not considering namely artificial impregnation and cruel semen collection from the bulls, drastic reduction in the life spans of dairy cows etc..

Plus there are the health hazards to consider. Did you know that a glass of milk contains a mix of dangerous chemicals like antibiotics, oxytocin a dangerous drug, and unnecessary hormones. Milk today is a leading contributor to various cancers, diabetes and yes, osteoporosis! Would you like to see the research supporting this?

I guess this answers your question because there can be no question of happy cows in India with the population of our cows reaching the figure of 3 million, all thanks to breeding them for milk. Dairy industry in India also feeds our leather and the beef industry. Shamefully, India is the largest exporter of beef and one of the largest exporters of leather in the world. So, yes I would never consume dairy because I consider it unethical and immoral.

I request you again to see the video attached to my previous response.

Agreed: I give up milk and its products for this reason.

But our PREACHING has to be modified. 

I discussed with some friends ( 5 friends) who were farmers since long time. They informed that milk is produced extra by the cow and it will be only waste if they do not use it. Sometimes it causes pain to the cow. Also we cannot compare man with cow. Every creature has a specialty. How come only humans have sixth sense. why not animals. Same way cows can give more milk yield . 

2. I philosophically believe that , every creature must have a utilization , else the nature would destroy it. Even in Human beings no body like a person who cannot support himself, who is not of use. Gardener cuts away the useless shrubs & plants and waters only use full plants. If cows are not for milk, they will not be grown by any one. Cows will become extinct.

Also every creature feels great by getting utilized. So utilisation is not unethical. Unwise utilisation is unethical. So our Preaching context has to be slightly modified. 

We should not preach in the name of animal product , for there is nothing wrong in using animal product. It is mere illusion to think that animals are harmed by utilizing it. 

But YES , in dairy industry really animals are harmed, so we have to be against it. We must quit all industry dairy products , but can get milk from farmers directly who grow them as a family member not as a commodity or we can grow cows by our self and get milk. 

Hope you understood my view .

So our agenda should be only to PREVENT CRUEL ACTIONS behind diary industry, but not against milk drinking. This i mentioned in my subject description itself . 


Rarely have voices been raised against the thriving Indian dairy industry where the cattle are not only exploited but also forced to live in inhumane conditions not fit for any living being.

Animals are made to calve at least once a year for the milk to be produced, which means the cattle are continually artificially impregnated. Studies show that due to the artificial inseminations and the way they are treated, the animals’ life spans are drastically impacted. In an ideal situation, cattle grow to be around 25 years of age, but milk animals have a life span of around 5-6 years.

Through the medium of advertising and word of mouth, individuals are fed this information about milk and milk products being absolutely healthy and great for us. No one ever talks about the other side of the story, which is the health risks they carry.

Please see the video attached  which will give you some idea about the horrors practices in Indian dairy industry.


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