I'm just wondering if this is actually true. someone told me that everything we eat and drink is going to kill us and that there will be no way to prevent cancer. I highly doubt this is true because I know some healing foods that prevent cancer. Like red apples. This happened because I said that I made sure the juice I drank was all natural. And then the person said they didn't bother looking to see if the juice had added sugar or anything because it was going to kill them anyway.

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Foods have the ability to heal us or kill us. If you take a red apple from an organic tree, it has amazing nutrients inside of it that can help prevent cancer and make your body stronger. However, take a red apple from a tree that's loaded with chemicals and fertizilers, ship it to a factory, then send it to mcdonalds and have it but sliced and diced there and probably added with more chemicals to make it stay "fresh". That can kill you. It's now processed and ruined because of humans. Cancer is not meant to form in our bodies. We are supposed to maintain a pH level that is slightly alkaline, but all of the foods we eat ( processed junk ) are more acidic. Cancer thrives in acid. So if you eat fresh fruit and vegetables, you're going to have an alkaline pH and you can ( hopefully ) avoid cancer. There are some poison is plastic and other stuff we use that can cause cancer. 

I think people respond in that manner because it gives them an excuse not to change.  Some people just do not want to think about what they are putting into their bodies or the deleterious effects of a nutritionally poor diet.  If you have the read the successes of Gerson Therapy for cancer or Dr Caldwell Esselstyn's heart patients stopping and even reversing coronary artery disease with diet you can safely say that food can heal.  Keep making wise choices for yourself and your good health will be all the evidence you need to refute statements like that.  

Keep it fresh, organic as much as possible and as unprocessed as possible too, and there is no reason to say that what you eat will kill you. All things in moderation however. Even too much if a good thing can be bad for you!

Well explained with how an apple can be both good and bad depending on different processes in play. In a way, I like to think as food as a first stage of medicine.. Keeping good levels of vitamins, minerals etc etc will help ensure that our body is as strong as it can be in order to fight anything that decides it wants to attack us, be it cancers or other forms of sickness.

A slightly alkali state is indeed the key! Sugar feeds many diseases too, cancer literally thrives off the stuff. Processed sugars really are not what it's about!! ;p

Buuut, for many people out there, what we eat, combined with many other factors, is probably what will kill us, diet is very important, but I don't think it is responsible for all ;)


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