As a vegetarian I am facing same question each day when I pick up my wallet / wear shoes and belt. 

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The question is about  do we have alternatives available to these animal products ?

I guess  giving away stuff will be oneof not permanent solution.  

When u appropriately use the term vegan it calls for u to refrain from all animal products and by products which includes things like leather, fur etc. Instead of leather if u really look around carefully u'll find a no. of products in the market which r made of a material called leatherite or man made leather. So there should be no confusion about this. Say no to all products from animal derived industry. Im sure u'll find alternatives to using animal based products which I personally have.

Thanks Anurupa for sharing the information.

A vegan doesn't wear leather, fur, wool, or anything from an animal. A vegetarian on the other hand might wear leather and such. But it all depends on why they're veg. If they are vegetarian for health reasons then they might wear leather, fur, etc. But if they are veg for the animals then they won't wear anything from an animal. I'm not sure about environmental reasons. But my reasons for becoming veg are health, ethical, and environmental reasons. Even though i'm wanting to be vegetarian, I do refrain from somethings (like drinking cow milk, honey, etc.) because I want to help the earth, animals, and stay healthy at the same time. So I wouldn't wear things from animals. But lucky for you there are friendly alternatives to leather like pleather for example. But do keep in mind that some products might contain things such as wool, etc. So look on the labels carefully and closely. Have a good eye to put it simple. I found some sites to help you: (friendly makeup)  There you go! :)

Really helpful information Thanks Jamie. ;-)


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