Is it necessary to be an animal lover to be a vegetarian/vegan?

I have thought about this topic a number of times and have come to the conclusion that it is not necessary to be an animal lover to be vegetarian or vegan. This is because some people do it because of thier caste (esp in Hinduism) and some by choice.

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Replies to This Discussion are right. It is not necessary to be an animal lover to be Vegetarian or Vegan.  Being an animal lover means you have pets or do some activity to protect animals and so on. In India, the basic principle of Vegetarianism is that you are not supposed to kill any living being whether for food or otherwise. Caste is a very minor factor in 21st century because, many people who originally belong to Vegetarian families, do it non-veg on the pretext of travelling or the company they keep. The basic idea behind going Vegetarian as practiced in Hinduism is "Ahimsa".  There may be difference of opinions as everybody on this earth is free to practice the doctrine palatable to him or her.  I always feel that we human beings are fond of pets but hate our fellow human beings and avoid helping those who are in need.

So bascally we arrive at the conclusion that ahimsa teaches us to follow the non violent path. And the principle of ahimsa teaches us to be non viloent and tolerant regardless of spieces.I feel love towards beings comes from a pure and honest heart as well.
I dont know but I feel like sharing this feeling of mine that in this modern age there r a growing who r slowly moving out of all religious traps and becoming more and more secular than earlier. That's y compassionate people, more like animal lovers and the tolerant new generation will always help those in need. Though there r always 2 sides of the same coin.

as a brilliant friend put it: If you're not into the vegan beliefs then you are not a vegan, you have a vegan diet. 

Hey Deanna I do believe that if u r a true animal lover and not a hypocrite u'll have to be a vegan.

You don't have to be an animal or pet lover. However I think that's sometimes how people become veg. They see animals like humans and they think about it. But of course you also have the environmentalists and health conscious people. Or people like me that are all 3. lol

Totally agree with u Jamie


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