Hi everyone,

3 months ago my dog died and I realized how much I connected with him after all those years. And it made me sick to see how dogs are killed an eaten in some countries. But I realized that to others might have the same feeling about people eating beef or pork. I took the decision to become pescatarian. I felt close to all mammals but I just do not feel the same about fish.

I feel good about my decision, but sometimes I wonder if it isn't a bit wrong that I still eat fish. Nevertheless fish are also animals, living beings. I want to be clear on this, I am pescatarian for a purely emotional reason (not for health nor for geopolitical or sociocultural reasons). But the emotional motivation seems to be missing concerning fish.

Only by reading some of the articles here in the forum I started realizing that it might be the right decision to try it nevertheless.

Maybe someone can help me out with his/her own personal experience in becoming a vegetarian.

Thanks to all of you!


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You are doing a lot to help animals by not eating cows and chickens. I started by not eating red meat, then I stopped eating chicken, and finally fish. You may stop eating fish some day, but you are still making a huge difference!  I am sorry about you losing your dog. 

I did the same thing..and i found once you cut something out its really not a big thing and you get used to it:) just have to go at your own pace

You have to make whatever decision works best for you! I was a pescatarian for a long time before I went vegan and it worked for me for that time in my life. ALC is 100% right, even though you're not going all the way you are still making a big difference :-)

I decided to become a vegetarian when I heard the US was going to allow for the slaughter of horses for food.  I couldn't bear to take another bite of meat after that. Where does one draw the line and say that enough is enough, and you don't want the thought of a pet being used for food. I wasn't really a big red meat eater, but cutting out fish and chicken was difficult. (I used to love chicken wings and baked haddock).

For you, it's perfectly okay to have an emotional feeling to mammals, we get them.  Don't feel guilty for eating fish, you just haven't reached the point yet where you cut all animals out of your diet.  If you think about what happens to fish (and other animals in the nets used to catch the fish), you may stop eating them too.  Good luck in your journey.

I'm sorry to hear about your dog.  Having five of my own, I know how it feels to lose a friend.

I'm happy to hear something good came out of that atrocity of a bill reinstating horse salughter for human consumption!

Hey to each their own I say. Its funny you would eat fish and not other animals my bro is that way too. Ive had pet fish so I dont eat fish either. I think that they are beautiful creatures. Good luck in your endeavor and I am sorry about your dog. I have three dogs and three cats so i understand. My fish died recently and I was sad.

I changed my diet because I did not want to promote the horrible living circumstances and slaughter of animals. It was the logical, and ethical reason. So, I did not need to even consider whether I should eat fish still or not. They're still living, they have eyes, organs, etc. People think that animals don't really feel pain and have become so dis-sensitized to the way their treated, well, what about fish too? They're living. Just because we can't hear them make noise doesn't mean anything. I do not eat anything from something that has eyes basically ;)

Potatoes have eyes.  Just kidding.  I don't eat anything that has a face, a personality, or any kind of sentient being at all.

I agree with this. I don't want to eat anything with eyes. It makes me feel bad.

hi James, glad u join in . . vegetarian means not to eat any life forms, there r ovu-vegetarian n lacto-vegetarian (not a single life contain in it)

you were mentioned pescatarian but not n never be  pesca-vegetarian term cause, if you eat fish meansstill  meat eater; as a vegetarian we may not eat any life forms

but as process to be vege u may omit eat meat little by little as many ppl do, cheers

You know I wrestle with the fish problem too. I've reasoned that maybe we feel different when we eat fish because they are one of the first animals that arrived on this planet and thus are quite close to plants in many ways. If you eat Konbu or Seaweed it's almost impossible not to be eating fish as they get caught in the nets and are all mixed together. Yet, when I eat fish lately I do have a bad feeling. I hadn't had fish in couple of months and so I decided and reasoned that a little Dashi in some soup was okay, but I felt bad afterward. I guess it's just part of the endless expansion of me and the world and the Universe. It is said that fish in small quantities has huge healing properties. I do wrestle with the idea still.

Watch the Earthlings bit on fish. You can watch it online: http://www.earthlings.com/ it's around 30-40min in.


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