Hi everyone,

3 months ago my dog died and I realized how much I connected with him after all those years. And it made me sick to see how dogs are killed an eaten in some countries. But I realized that to others might have the same feeling about people eating beef or pork. I took the decision to become pescatarian. I felt close to all mammals but I just do not feel the same about fish.

I feel good about my decision, but sometimes I wonder if it isn't a bit wrong that I still eat fish. Nevertheless fish are also animals, living beings. I want to be clear on this, I am pescatarian for a purely emotional reason (not for health nor for geopolitical or sociocultural reasons). But the emotional motivation seems to be missing concerning fish.

Only by reading some of the articles here in the forum I started realizing that it might be the right decision to try it nevertheless.

Maybe someone can help me out with his/her own personal experience in becoming a vegetarian.

Thanks to all of you!


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My humble opinion is that to cut the fish and stuff, and be a full vegetarian... and not eat meat in general...

no there is nothing wrong in just eating  fish. i eat Salmon and Veggies and Salads. So you are Fine.

Hello Eddie,

There are actually many things wrong with eating fish if you are a vegetarian. When a fish is caught and taken out of the water it is no different than a human being pushed under the water. The fish thrashes and eventually succumbs to suffocation, gasping as it cannot find water to breath through its gills to extract the oxygen from. 

This article contains all the reasons you would ever want to know as to why to avoid eating fish:


Jan: Registered Dietitian and Holistic Nutritionist

Please read link below to see all the reasons why you should avoid eating fish:


Jan: RD and Holistic Nutritionist

I do the same: I only eat fish! that's a interesting discussion

I don't eat fish or sea creatures because the ocean is contaminated and so are the fish. Also a more important reason is because over fishing is killing our oceans and marine life. Do I think killing a fish is wrong no not really, if you you really want to eat fish do it the right way eat low on the food chain and choose fish that are plentiful you can get a list of those fish from your local fish and game personal.
When I was 8 I met a lobster that changed my life. I saw him get boiled alive heard him scream it was then that I made the connection that something had to die for me to eat it. Fish still feel pain but you eating it doesn't make you a bad person people have been eating fish sense the dawn of man . I would ask myself are the fish I'm eating sustainable? Am I eating more then what I need? How do you feel about the killing and eating of fish?

I only eat fish. I don't consider fish (seafood) an animal. I eat fish on occasion thou. Like I go out to a restaurant. :)~ I also started off with not eating red meat, then I quit the rest. And felt better. I was experimenting. And stuck with not eating meat. Health wise. Kinda feel better inside and out. Good Luck.

You are not a vegetarian if you eat meat and meat is the flesh of a living being/animal. So do not fool yourself into thinking it is OK to eat one animal and not the others. Unless that is your goal. Fish are cruelly hunted and are in unstable circumstances. I included fish when I left the meat eating world behind since it was all meat to me. If I miss the fishy taste I use seaweed in stuff. Eventually it is not missed at all with all the other things to eat are available. After watching Jaques Cousteau on TV as a teen I never thought of the sea creatures as food after that. However I cannot condemn you at all for your choices since each of us travel a different road. To your own self be true!

Well, listen, you are doing a lot by not eating meat and chicken.  I have kept fish (goldfish and Koi).  I saw them swim away and hide when they were frightened. I saw them come to greet me when I went out to feed them. I saw how they were when they were injured, so for me that was enough to convince me that they were feeling beings.  But, hey, each to their own, and at least you are making a big difference even now.  Maybe later, gradually, you will feel the same about fish as with other animals. 

I used to feel the same way. I felt very compelled not to eat any animal, but fish/shrimp somehow didn't seem like 'real living creatures' to me. I would only cook veg stuff at home, but order seafood when I was out. It wasn't until I went to dinner with my boyfriend at Benihana a few months ago that I snapped out of it and realized they are also living creatures that deserve life. I ordered shrimp, and there they were on the grill in front of me being cooked like it was nothing, and I felt sick. I couldn't even eat anything. For now I'm lacto-veg (only because I haven't been able to not eat cheese) but I'm working my way towards vegan. Baby steps seem to help. If you wanted to stop eating fish, you could always slowly cut it out of your diet little by little.
I don't think it's "wrong" to be pescatarian. You're doing a lot for the animals and your health by cutting out mammals and birds. Do whatever you feel is right and works for you.
Try going to a restaurant where they prepare and cook the fish in front of you. That'll snap you out of it! Lol

It's not wrong, not by any means. You need to do what works best for you. What you are doing now is already a huge step in a great direction! Be proud of how far you've come! 

I became a vegetarian when I was 15. I was driving through farm country with my dad and I saw a field of cows, for some reason when I looked at one particular cow, all I saw were the parts of the cow that we eat. I made the connection between that living creature, and the beef on my plate. I decided that day I couldn't do it anymore, and I haven't since. I went vegan 3 months ago after watching Vegucated. 


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