Hi everyone,

3 months ago my dog died and I realized how much I connected with him after all those years. And it made me sick to see how dogs are killed an eaten in some countries. But I realized that to others might have the same feeling about people eating beef or pork. I took the decision to become pescatarian. I felt close to all mammals but I just do not feel the same about fish.

I feel good about my decision, but sometimes I wonder if it isn't a bit wrong that I still eat fish. Nevertheless fish are also animals, living beings. I want to be clear on this, I am pescatarian for a purely emotional reason (not for health nor for geopolitical or sociocultural reasons). But the emotional motivation seems to be missing concerning fish.

Only by reading some of the articles here in the forum I started realizing that it might be the right decision to try it nevertheless.

Maybe someone can help me out with his/her own personal experience in becoming a vegetarian.

Thanks to all of you!


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You probably don't feel the same empathy for fish because fish can't spek to us. I've read an article about why people don't react when they see fish killed in front of them, but cry when they see a cow.

I is because our body reacts on other creatures cries for help. Women automatically think about children to protect, the same. So it is just your body who doesn't understand and feel pity for fish. 

I was a pescetarian for a month, but then I decided that animals are all animals, and eating fish is eating a dead body.

Hope you will become a vegetarian or even vegan.

Very sorry for your dog.

Hi. I too eat continue to eat fish on a vegetarian diet.
I have not made a connection with fish like I do with animals
So this is the reason I still eat them. I still like you have a conflict in my mind
If this is right or not. I do feel bad at times for cutting out all animal meats except
Fish. I am grateful to know I'm not the only one feeling this way

Hi Caroline,

What we eat has to be our own choice. I do find your sentence interesting that states "I have not made a connection with fish like I do with animals." I do not think it is about "connecting" with different species. It is about making that conscious decision that all life has value.

If you are struggling with the consciousness regarding eating eating fish as opposed to avoiding all animal foods, here is an article that might be helpful. Just be sure to call yourself pescatarian if you do eat fish, since eating anything other than plant matter does not constitute a vegetarian diet.

Please read link below to see all the reasons why you should avoid eating fish:


I hope this helps with your struggle.

The very best to you,

Jan: RD and Holistic Nutritionist

Hi Jan. thank you for your thoughts and the link you provided. It has certainly given me something to think about. It had opened my eyes to see how fish are no different to mammals and like us deserve to live. I thank you for this and endeavour to become a true vegetarian which will ease my soul and couscous mind.
Kind regards Caroline


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