Hi. I'm new here, so excuse me if this has been posted, but I was hoping someone can help me out here.

I recently became a vegetarian (about 2 months ago), in fact, almost vegan since i don't consume any animal products apart from eggs that don't come from poultry, and even that only once a week. I have started to feel pain in my joints, especially my knees and shoulders. I spoke to my brother, who is a physiotherapist, and he told me that it's because I've made such a radical transition and that my body is not used to consuming only vegetable proteins, he also said that it has to do with my age, that maybe if I was younger my body would adapt, but now it's too late. I'm 53. I can't ask my doctor because he's a very fervent carnivore, nor I can ask to my other brother who is a traumatologist, but loves meat more than anything in the world. So, can anyone tell me if any of that is true? because I don't wanna go back to eating meat for animal protein. 

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It is more than enough :)! Also that is BS, protein is protein. Your body uses it in the same exact functions, and it digests the same. People turn vegetarian and vegan well into their 80's at time and have no problems. If you have doubts, you should speak with an RD (a doctor doesn't really study nutrition), I'm sure they'll be more than capable of answering any doubts you might have. In older age, if anything, the body will benefit more from a plant based diet. Age has nothing to do with being able to be vegetarian or vegan, except that you will need to make sure you are absorbing the right nutrients. 

There is one difference in protein, in that all meats form complete proteins, and not all plants do. A complete protein just means it has all the essential amino acids your body needs. You can use plants as complemetary proteins, or eat a super food like tofu (any soy product) or something such as quinoa. I made a blog about this, so feel free to check it out!

Fear not, you are capable physically of being vegan if it's what you wish :)! Sounds like you have a bunch of nay-sayers who seem to hold prejudice against a vegetarian lifestyle.

I agree :) Thank you lovely xo

I am not an nutrition expert, and know very little about nutrition, but I have been vegan for nearly 12 years now, and so far I am very healthy. I just consume a lot of green vegetables and fruits, eat tempeh and tofu. So I think vegetarian protein is enough, even more than enough. 

^^ Agree! Xiao for instance runs, and I'm very active also. After switching to vegan, my 5 mile runs got EASIER! Instead of being fatigued and literally "forcing" myself to finish, I'll finish now and be like, "I wanna go again" and feel spectacular. A veggie diet is so healing.

well said, before i couldn't even run 3miles and now like u said after been vegan ....5 mile runs are Easier :D and have so much energy

i agree with you too. i've been vegetarian for my whole life, and to tell you the truth, there's nothing wrong with me other than a huge appetite. i eat a lot of green veges, fruits and such like Xiao. I guess it takes time to get use to for some people who has been eating meat for most of their life where your transitioning from "meat protein" to "vege proteins". i think, that after some time, your body will fully adapt to the "full-on" vege proteins rather than the meat proteins.

me being a vegetarian since birth, have always been fit and healthy. i get better and heal much faster than normal, i don't see the doctors often since i'm healthy due to being vegetarian. i guess those who eat meat a lot, and try to say that being vegetarian is not good for your body, don't understand the true nature of being a vegetarian. just my understanding and thoughts.

I´ve turned vegan because of health issues, mainly it helped me allot with fadind the joint arthritis that i suffered from.
I´ve turned vegan because of health issues, mainly it helped allot with fading the joint arthritis that i suffered from.

Congratulations on making the change in your life. I fully believe that non-animal protein is more than enough and in fact the healthier protein for our body since it doesn't have the unnecessary fat and cholesterol we don't need. Whenever I get this question I think of the nations of men and women who never consume any meat and are totally fine. The western mindset, I have found is not always aware of this and is sometimes even shocked that someone would have never tasted steak, pork shops or chicken wings... The other thing I find weird is this fascination with high protein diets, which can actually be taxing on the kidneys. 

So to answer your question, it would be best to try and calculate how much protein you need based on your current weight and age. 

What has worked for me is to still make all my favorite dishes and just substitute the protein part and in doing so I have opened myself up to so many other tasteful options. Best wishes and keep checking with your veg friends if you need encouragement :)

Hi Veronica Vega, I think maybe you can try both protein, because your body cannot not adapt to completely vegetable proteins in such a radical way. You can make incremental change, and when your body fully adapt you can get rid of animal protein. There is no guilty in consuming animal protein, you take it just in order to get rid of it. Hope that helps.

Not saying I know much, but I've done 3 years of a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine, and now 6 months into Naturopathy degree.  I asked a few lecturers about this.

It is bull.  IF you were going to have any side effects from a diet change like this, it would take alot longer to happen.  Or it would have happened within a few days.  

I have no answers for you sorry.  Just wanted to add my two cents.   

There really is so many variables your health.   Exactly what you have eaten the last 2 months.  Any health conditions.  What your bodys digestive functioning is like.  The condition of your joints before this started.   Without knowing all the details from you.  I would guess maybe too much plant protein?   Maybe for safety go get a full blood count, kidney and liver functioning tests?   It might show some answers.  Or nothing.  But worth a shot.

Make sure you are eating enough protein. Maybe your veg diet is not balanced well. Your body should not be missing animal protein, it can miss protein. I am no expert, this is just second hand info from my own research.


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