Hi. I'm new here, so excuse me if this has been posted, but I was hoping someone can help me out here.

I recently became a vegetarian (about 2 months ago), in fact, almost vegan since i don't consume any animal products apart from eggs that don't come from poultry, and even that only once a week. I have started to feel pain in my joints, especially my knees and shoulders. I spoke to my brother, who is a physiotherapist, and he told me that it's because I've made such a radical transition and that my body is not used to consuming only vegetable proteins, he also said that it has to do with my age, that maybe if I was younger my body would adapt, but now it's too late. I'm 53. I can't ask my doctor because he's a very fervent carnivore, nor I can ask to my other brother who is a traumatologist, but loves meat more than anything in the world. So, can anyone tell me if any of that is true? because I don't wanna go back to eating meat for animal protein. 

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Nice Post Raw Rage.  I didn't know that  the amount of protein in brocolli is that high.  I will be sure to piss off the Idiot meat heads with that 1 =).

All this lack of protein  thing is a HUGE myth. It's all about diary and meat industry and money behind it. I totally understand your problem with meat eating docs. My aunt a gyn was constantly telling me that I will get sick from iron deficiency and  lack of protein. I was bringing to her my perfect blood tests which according to her didn't prove anything. The problem of the modern world is not too little animal protein but much too much of it

If I can ask a question, maybe given your age, are you going through menopause? I would have thought that and maybe age in it self maybe the reason your joints ache (I'm 52 so I know the feeling). 

You can find supplements to help with joints but be careful to track down a veggie version.

Joint pain has nothing to do with protein intake. Being given that the human body is built to work on a vegetarian based diet and that any living thing on this planet is made at least from 50% protein your protein intake should be enough. If you feel you need to supplement that you can always use hemp seeds, spiruline or soy based protein, as for the joints use some vitamin supplements or supplements especially for the joint. And foremost don't listen to people who tell you you need meat, milk or eggs. You can find in veggies and fruit everything you need. :) good luck and have fun on your new diet!

Hi Veronica,

Don't believe the hype about protein. It was started by the meat and dairy industry & promoted by the FDA via a ficticious nuitritional food chart. Soy is very dangerous! Among many things, it's carcinogenic. I wrote a post about my own experiences with soy: http://divinewiz.com/2013/08/22/i-learned-the-hard-way-how-dangerou...

The truth is that even fruitarians can get all of the "protein" they need from fruit and leafy vegetables. I wrote a brief post about this as well: http://divinewiz.com/2013/10/20/what-can-humans-learn-from-cows/

I hope this helps!

Plant based protein is enough for human consumption. Make sure you eat a lot, like lentils, nuts, soybeans, flaxseeds and chia seeds which are great source. 

Hey guys.  How much meat do cows eat? :D.  Look at how much muscle they got!


I am not sure but may be you just don't get enough protein or calcium or some other thing.You must plan your diet better and consume various vegetables,fruits,nuts,grains,legumes etc.

And may be it's better for you to switch to vegan diet slowly.For example first stop eatin cheese, tahn drinking milk,then all the milk products etc.

in the beginning I uped my wheat products/carbs to get that full feeling I was missing from not eating meat.  I noticed joint/back aches and pain, some muscle cramps.  I cut out the gluetin related foods and my pains went away.  I dont think it has anything to do w/protein.


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