This might seem like a weird question but does anyone know if there is any truth in the idea that some blood types make better vegetarians because their blood is better at absorbing iron or something like that. It might be called the Blood Type Theory.

Last September I was talking to one of my Rock guides and he was telling me how he used to be vegetarian or maybe vegan but was finding he was tired and had low energy. He has a relative that is into Chinese medicine and apparently read this book that talked about this idea that some blood types are born to eat a particular type of foods based on their blood type. Apparently this book was so compelling that it convinced him to go back to eating meat because of his blood type.

I am curious to know if anyone knows anything about this--good or bad.

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Well I'm A Positive and a healthy vegan if that's any use to you. What is anyone else? The iron in my blood is fine. I've had it tested before.

Hindus/Jains/Buddhists (not all) have been vegetarian for thousands of years. The number of vegetarians in India at present is 400 million approx. And they have been vegetarians for generations.

So I don't think there could be any relation between vegetarianism and blood type


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