In this world every creature needs to be used. But surely it has to be used wisely , ie with love & kindness. If the uses which are obtained from animal are denied , then no body will grow animals. Denying a creature of its uses is worst than killing it. Because every creature feels great when it gets utilized. 

A gardener never plants a useless tree fruit in his garden. Tree is planted for its leaves, or breanches, or flowers or fruits, or some environmental need. Who will like a useless man, people love only productive , intelligent man . 

Similarly if the animals are not used for transportation , why a farmer will try to grow it ? . No one will grow it. Then there wont be any animals on the human locality. Only very rich people who can afford their time & money for playing with animals will grow animals. 

Obviously such rich people are only in US ,UK. No where else in the world.

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Most animal petitions fight against using animals for anything is wrong and normally they are not treated well but if they do treat it well I don't see a problem if its not abused. However you never know for sure how they are treated unless they claim they are so who really knows the truth

Some seriously flawed reasoning here. Animals are not here for our use and abuse. They are on this planet to lead their own lives just as we are. And, we don't need to 'grow' them artificially  because they do know how to reproduce .. Animals are not objects and so speaking of them in their terms of utility to us is wrong.

Animals are for human USE but not for Abuse. Not using is also a Abuse as per me. 

Suppose consider a Leader , not utilizing his subordinates but gives way for the comforts desired by subordinates  , is it right or wrong? Here Non utilization is a CRIME.

Same way using animals is the human quality . It has to be wisely used but not abused .

I believe in above . 



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