My mother is totally negative on going vegan... She says i'll end up on a hospital!!! She made me nervous... What do you think???

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The ones in the United States are Vegan

Of course you can end up in a hospital if you eat bad foods. If you only eat french fries and drink Coca-Cola, you are vegan but you eat unhealthy foods. You should focus on having a lots of fruits and especially vegetables everyday. You should not consume too much nuts daily (definitely not more than 10 pieces daily) because nuts are extremely fatty and they do not actually contain more protein than most vegetables.

You dont have to take supplements. Some doctors recommend to take B12 (not all B vitamins, just B12) because our body cannot produce it themselves and we cannot get it from plant sources). Some doctors say that it is not necessary to take B12 but it should be taken when pregnant. But the final decision is yours.

I would recommend reading some more information on this, for example search for "vegan starter kit", then you will find some great sources about this exciting - and ethical - lifestyle.

yes you will die if you're vegan.just go eat sme lard  soaked french fries and whatever else your heart or mother desires.:)


I think that's impossible if you plan well what you eat, not only vegan junk food like fried potatoes...

There's a vegan bakery in my city. They say they researched Oreos, and their sugar is not processed with bone char. That said, I don't recommend eating them.

I have never heard of anyone being hospitalized for Veganism.  I have however heard of MANY people being hospitalized for heart attaches, strokes, diabetes, high blood pressure.  I can almost guarantee you, none of those people were vegans, start with telling her that.

Shes just worried cause she's been taught that we need our vitamins/minerals from meat.  You get faaaaaaaar better. faaar better!  from plants =).  The only thing vegans usually wont get from plants these days is Vitamin b12.

Vitamin b12 is made by bacteria and washed off the plants we eat.  Animals consume these so contain b12.  The best type of b12 supplement is called Methl - Cobalamin.  Cobalamin is the vitamin, methyl is the synthetic.   

So that's all u need to worry about supplementing if you've got a proper vegan diet with sufficient vitamin/minerals!

Sad truth. People are scared of what they don't know. Do some research together, show her all the food you will still eat (many people think you'll be stuck eating salad and rice??!!!?). Read about the nutritional values of Quinoa, farro and other cereals. And then read what you really eat when you eat chicken, cows, fish and whatnot. 

Research together, and show her you ll have plenty of nutrients and delicious meals!!! and maybe introduce her to this website! ;) good luck 


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