Jainism is based on strong foundation of vegan. It teaches one to be non-voilent and stay in harmony with other living beings

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this is an interesting point. I have seen on another vegan forum that someone was proposing this idea.

what makes you say this, I wonder? do you think that Jains are more vegan than hindus?

as far as I know, Jains don't have a ban on milk, do they?

Jainism bans use of milk. it proposes use of legumes as far as possible. people try to follow but very difficult to survive on legumes. Besides, if you read deep into jainism, you will realise it leads one to the path of enlightenment.jainism doesnot permit use of unnderground produced vegetables as they have huge amounts of bacteria in them which are killed when u cook it or eat it. Hinduism is not that pure because the hindus in India eat non vegetarian food

jainism is the purest science. It has envisaged innumerable theories which science accepted later

Agree with fruitfly.

I don't know where you got all this from. I have many Jain friends, some strict followers and some not, but no one stops drinking milk. Afaik, Jainism does NOT ban milk.

I definitely believe it is one of the greatest religions which gives highest priority to Ahimsa (non-violence) and Daiya (compassion) to all living beings.

Don't get me wrong, but I believe you're just trying to start a new vegan propaganda by associating it with Jainism, where no such association exists!

a quick search on the net for doctrines of Jainism will clear this up. any takers?

its quite possible that modern Jains drink milk but their scriptures might say not to. I don't know. but my family is Jain and they boil water and told me that all Jains boil water which would kill many organisms as well, unless they did not consider microscopic beings alive, but in fact, they of course are.

can somebody google Jainsim or read some sites?

jainism envisages that water should be bioled but the logic needs to be understood...upto a time frame(approx 8 hours) from boiling water, micro organisms cant grow. However, after 8 hours, they start again to multiply. So logic is that rather than killing unlimited microorganisms which continuously multiply, jainism has envisaged that water be boiled after every 8 hours to ontrol killing on innumerous microorganisms. Besides, jainim has envisaged eating food after sunrise and before sunset. The logic is that a lot of microorganisms dont multiply when there is sunlight or during the day due to sun's intense rays.

The major principle of jainism is karma and it states 'as you sow so shall you reap" in your next coming births. 


that is really nice to know about jainism and boiling water. I have never heard that before.

but I am not sure I see the logic as vegan. if you boil water, you kill the micro organisms. if you are saying that by killing the organisms, you prevent other organisms from dying? do you mean because of drinking contaminated water it will kill something? I don't disagree with boiling water but I can't follow what you are saying.

but if this were a vegan argument, then it would be okay to say that hunting was fine if it helped to kill one type of animal that caused other animals to die. but generally vegans don't get involved in hunting whereas that this type of argument is used by hunters for the purpose of species control.

while I am not in favor of hunting, it sounds like a similar principle and while I am not against Jains and consider them very good examples of non-violence, I don't see their actions particularly vegan.

I would still like to hear more about their alleged ban on milk.

I don't think even orthodox Jains ban milk

See,u need to understand the logic. Micro organisms multiply 5 times and get killed when you drink water so eventhough we are non-voilent, we have to minimise the way we can kill lesser number of micro organisms.We are surrounded by living organisms almost everywhere i.e. in air, water or soil. We cant stop drinking water as our body needs water. however, you can curtail on food.

this is true. If I'm not wrong, there is some 48 minutes after sunrise and before sunset when food can be taken.

I am not wrong. I have studied jainism. Jainism bans use of Milk, Curd and also Butter. Try to go in depth, u will agree with what I say. Even I do use milk and milk products but that doesnot mean that jainism permits that. I still maintain that jainism is based on prnciples of vegan.

Do you have any references or quotes from any Tirthankars which specifically bans milk?


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