Jainism is based on strong foundation of vegan. It teaches one to be non-voilent and stay in harmony with other living beings

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I have heard this about potatoes but I have not heard that Jainism bans the use of milk. that would seem unusual.

not all Hindus eat meat. many of them of course do not. so I se no reason to condemn Hinduism in any way. in fact, many Jains eat meat, so what can you do?  you can say that they are not Jains then, but then you can say that hindus who eat mean are not hindus. it goes on and on.

you cant eat potatoes onions carrots ginger tumeric and any other root veg right? i would love to know how the food is cooked.

we eat what grows above the ground

how do you cook lentils? It must be very different from the way we are used to cooking indian food, but it would be great to know, The same way cooking with veg is more of a challenge then cooking with meat. 

Jains make some of the most tasty sattvic foods!

i would like to know a recipe 

I'm not a Jain (although I've had many Jain foods) but I guess this could be a good site for Jain recipes:


In general, I guess any dish that no onion,garlic and other root vegetables can be considered in that category (had nothing to do with dairy though!). From this forum, these are some of the dish:




(without carrot, potatoes, and other roots. These are not really essential for upma)

http://www.vegfriend.com/group/indian-recipes/forum/topics/adai-ind... (without onion)


and many more!

thanks i am having a look now, its always interesting to know different way dhals are cooked :)

Jainism is one of the oldest religions of India. However, it has not spread much as it doesnot force anything on anyone..and the religion remains pure if it doesnot spread more.If one gets a chance to read about jainism, try to dig in more. It shows you path leading to moksha. However, let me tell you jainism is difficult to follow. Also, the saints have to go through a lot of hardships as they dont use electricity, electronic goods, transport, etc.  

Actually it was spread throughout most of India and almost whole of south India. Today, there are Jains predominantly only in Gujarat, Rajastan, a little bit of Punjab and major cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore,etc.

There are still lots of old uninhabited Jain temples and relics in Karnataka and some parts of Tamil Nadu .

I am not criticising other religions. Its only about beliefs.No religions allow the use of meat.

No religions allow the use of meat.

that sounds like a crock of wishful thinking. plenty of references to eating meat are in the Bible and Native Americans in America, did and still do eat meat. you could try to say that any religion that eats meat is not a religion, but that would be highly pretentious. humans eat meat, so I would think there must be a religion for them. otherwise, veganism is fast becoming a religion which seeks to condemn others to hell, much like the problematic version of Christianity that many parts of the world has been plagued by for many centuries.


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