Jainism is based on strong foundation of vegan. It teaches one to be non-voilent and stay in harmony with other living beings

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Jains eat what grows above the ground...but what do you eat Darren?

I am asking because you stated previously that although you believe that Jains do not drink milk, that you yourself do drink milk.

So I would imagine you might as well eat potatoes as well.

I am just asking so that you can represent your habits and Jain beliefs separately so that we can learn from you more effectively.

 According to wikipedia article Jain is a non-violence religion. Follower of Jainism don't wan't to harm any other animals. Jain people are really kinds to any kinds of animals. Also strict jain are not eating a root vegetables. Such as potato, garlic, onion, etc. Yes it is true that Jainism is a best way to practice vegan. I like Jainism religion. Thank you.

I like Jainism religion.


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