Hello! I'm Jo, a 22 year old Scottish gal now living in British Columbia, Canada. I have been living here for the last six years.

I turned vegan 'cold turkey' five years ago this upcoming weekend and I have no regrets. I had been the typical eggs and cheese vegetarian before that so I quickly started to feel more energized. I was definitely surprised how becoming vegan changed my perspective on food and cooking. I grew up with the typical 'meat and potatoes' outlook on cooking. Vegetables became the focal point of my meals. Its just common sense.

I loved being outside in nature. I am an avid rock climber, backpacker, canoeist and sea kayaker. I am happiest when I am outside sharing my love for the outdoors with others. I also love to write fiction.

I am excited to meet some like-minded people from all over the world, share recipe ideas and advice.

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