Just wondering if anyone had found anything that works really well. :)

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I haven't used commercial deoderant in a while, but I normally use a talcum rock or just normal talcum powder.  That ought to be vegan I guess. I think I have even seen it possible to use orange peels.  Maybe because it balances the ph of the "arm pit" with its acidty.  Ha ha, don't quote me on it though...but try it and see if it works out.  It won't kill you I guess but I am sure that it also hasn't killed any animals yet.

i use baking soda, but if you use too much you can irratate your skin,

I've never heard of that, using baking soda. At least you use something though, some people I know REALLY need to invest in something. Maybe I'll buy them some baking soda haha ;)

my gawd where have you been? 1 wet finger tip of baking soda, works really good actually, but you women have less or no hair so it probably wont last as long and may burn your irratate your skin if you use too much

You could try the deodrant recipe on this link. I've made one batch and it works like a charm.


Tom's of Maine is good stuff.


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