I wanted to start a thread about any of our pets that we have. I'm a huge animal lover when it comes to this. I actually work in a pet store and I dedicate a lot of my free time to my pets too.

So, I've started this so I can share my furry and feathered children and hear about yours because nothing really makes me smile more. =)

I have a dog named Niko, he is a Huntaway/Rottweiler/Labrador cross and he's 3 years old. He is my pride and joy. 

My cat is named Juno, she's a ginger and white moggy that I actually adopted from my work. She's 2 and a half years old. Her and Niko get on so well too, she'll greet him and rub up against him, so adorable.

Lastly, I have a bird. My Rainbow Lorikeet, Dexter. I hand raised him after he got rejected by his real mother, so really he sees me as his mum. He can be a noisy little bugger, but I love him to bits!

I could go into paragraphs and paragraphs about them, but I've restrained myself so not to bore you! Hehe. But here's some of the many photographs I have for them!

(Oh and I should give a small shout out to my tropical fish tank, who give me something else that's pretty to look at everyday.)

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All your pets are so pretty :D Especially Dexter because he has so many coloured feathers.

I have 2 dogs called Saskia and Bailey, they're samoyeds and a pain to look after because of all their fur. But the worst is when Bailey gets hungry when we're out and tips over the bin...

We also have a tropical fish tank as well and three gerbils. But the Gerbils don't have set names because the family couldn't decide on what to call them, this was last Halloween :P

This is me and Bailey:

that is a mighty cute pic of both of you :)

This is my dog in my hometown. Her name is Phenny. I left my hometown on 2003. This picture is taken on January 2012 when I was back hometown, and she still remembered me. I will be hometown next month, hope she still remember me.

that is an awesome back porch!  it looks like a cool hang out place!

Wow, what a CUTE puppy :O!!! Dogs are amazing that way, how they remember you even after all that time has passed <3

Absolutely gorgeous pets :)!!  I love Niko's face pattern! They all seem very well loved :)! I wanted to adopt a couple of akitas from the shelter, but I might be going overseas for a couple of years, and the program doesn't allow pets so far as I am aware :(!! A Rainbow Lorikeet? By chance are they speaking birds? His color is just phenomenal. 

Haha oh man, I miss that about having kittens. Well, not the clawing on the furniture and clawing you thing. Toes are especially things you need to keep protected around them :P! Cats are very nice in that they are independent. Keep wishing for time to adopt a dog myself!

Hi! My fur baby's name is Boomer. He is an 8 year old, Blue Merle, Great Dane. He is the sweetest most laid back being I have EVER met. I'm sad to say that we got him from a breeder (this was before my eyes were opened) but I could NOT imagine my life without him. My heart is heavy because life without him is closer than I would like it to be. His medications are not working as well as they used to, his age, the moves are starting to show. :(

That is an awesome idea! I love my pets too and animals.  I have 3 parrots 1 umbrella cockatoo buddy, 1 green cheek conure teole and a quaker parrot taz. I also have a diva chihuahua named princess. All my parrots came from unwanted abused homes. I like to take in animals that need a home. 

I love to hear how everyone loves their pets so much! Thanks for sharing their stories and photos...it's such a beautiful thing!


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