Target: Ohio Senate President, Keith Faber

Goal: Make animal cruelty and the abuse of companion animals a fifth-degree felony in Ohio.

Ohio plans to make animal cruelty a fifth-degree felony. The state is currently one of only four others that treat animal cruelty as just a misdemeanor. Currently, 46 other states carry felony charges for animal abuse, punishable by up to six months of prison time and a $2,500 fine. Eight bills put forward to create this change in the past have failed, mostly because of lobbyists for agricultural interests. However, this new bill excludes livestock.

The bill so far has the support of Carl Burgio, a councilman in Brook Park. He has written at least one article about the issue and urges Ohio residents to contact their state senator and ask them to support the H.B. 60. House Bill 60, which has already passed in the House. It is currently undergoing hearings in the Senate Agriculture Committee.

Despite this promising performance thus far, this and other similar bills often do well in the House part of the process, but do not survive the scrutiny of the Senate. Help this bill to pass into law by adding your name to this petition, sharing it with your friends, and contacting your local senator. Together we can all play our part in ensuring that the perpetrators of animal cruelty do not get off with a mere slap on the wrist for abusing and neglecting animals.


Dear Senate President Keith Faber,

I write this letter to share my excitement regarding the new House Bill 60, as well as my fears that it will fail in the Senate. Eight other bills proposing similar terms have died in the past, mostly due to agricultural lobbyists. However, this new bill specifically excludes livestock. As a result, the interest of this large community will not be harmed by the bill.

Please consider also that Ohio is currently one of only four states that have not yet made animal cruelty a felony. The other 46 states in America have felony charges that often result in prison time running up to six months and fines of $2,500. These felony charges also usually ban these convicts from owning or working around animals again, which prevents the likelihood of a repeat offense.

If this does not convince you, consider then the welfare of your citizens. A study conducted by the Northwest University showed that people who abuse animals were five times more likely to move on to human victims. Over the years, researchers like Frank R. Ascione, a professor at the University of Denver, have connected animal abuse with domestic violence and the abuse of children.

I urge you to throw your influence behind the passing of this bill, not just for better treatment of animals but for the safety of fellow humans. Take a stand against abuse of humans and their companions by helping this bill to pass into law.


[Your Name Here]

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