Ok, this is the most important thing I have ever posted and maybe more important than a lot of other people's postings. There is a woldwide march against Monsanto (or as I call them MonSatan). The goal is to educate others about Monsatan abd their practices that are killing insects, animals, and most importantly, US! Please post this link on your Facebook accoints or whatever social site you use. thanks :)


Together they can be stopped!

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Fuck Monsanto.

Thanks for the info, I'm in! :)

I'm definitely going!
I'm caravanning my volunteer group down to our capitol for it :)
We're gonna be DECKED OUT!
I'm on it! Thanks for the link, will repost as soon as I get home from work.
Its so good to get these responses. Thanks everyone :)
Have you heard about Bee Against Monsanto?
They're doing awesome things and they came out with some really cool rally gear :)
No I havent :( U have a link? I recently found out Monsanto was responsible for Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. I wonder how they got involved with food. Everytime I hear something about them, I hate them more.
Yeah, they've got their dirty hands in everything and the government is protecting them. It's disgusting.
I'll post a link for BAM when I get off work. Unless you can find them on FB. They're pretty easy to find :)
Looks like I found it. Thanks for the info Sandy
Not a problem!
Happy to be able to add you to the hive :)

Ugh! Too bad there is none in Malaysia!!! I cannot fly to Bali either. However, I pray that you guys will succeed. 


Thanks Sharon. At least ur heart will be there :)


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