So I've been vegetarian for over a year now, and my boyfriend of 11 months decided to go pescetarian a few months back after we watch 101 reasons to be vegan and earthlings. I always had the feeling he never really wanted to give up meat and that he mainly did it for me, which obviously makes me proud that he did but not exactly happy. We recently spoke about how hes finding it hard and probably going back to eating meat. This makes me really angry and sad as he's put in so much effort all to throw it away, maybe he needs to start slow or have time to find what he really wants to do (i've not once forced him to be veggie), I dont mind this but eventually I'd like him to be veggie. I cant help but get mad, If anyone has any advice on how to handle this let me know, do guys eventually come round to stopping I just dont know, I feel alone in this.

Thanks for reading!

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No need to feel alone. :) All the boyfriends I had were meat eaters, I know how awkward this can be. The awesome thing is that he really thought about it and it's trying, but being a vegetarian can be hard for some people, specially when they eat a lot of meat. I don't know how I could help, but if you want him to go veggie, talk to him, give him support and advices, cook delicious meals together and all that stuff.

It's awkward. My boyfriend is really carnivore. We just can go out at night sometimes so if we don't dinner together we don't see each other at all. So he is the only reason why I keep eating meat sometimes. :/

I hate having a meat eater boyfriend as he won't suit my restaurants or food without getting angry. Wy do I have to make my body a graveyard once a week?

You shouldn't eat meat just for him, its all down to you what you decide to put in your body, most restaurants have veggies options so as long as he is eating it he shouldn't get mad. 

i think you should dump him if he will get mad about going to veggie resturants but if you really wnat him just give it to him straight that you want to not to that

i'm sorry, but you have to grow a backbone. don't let him dictate what you can eat and where you can eat. Put your foot down. he sounds like an insensitive jerk. You don't need that type of negativity in your life.

Ahh I see where your coming from, thanks :)

You can't really force anyone to become vegetarian.  If you pressure someone it won't stick.  My wife has been a veggie for 20 years.  I've been married fo her for nine.  I always insisted I wouldn't give up meat.  Yet just a week ago I made the decision on my own with no pressure from her.  She would maybe drip on me from time to time but she never tried to persuade me.   I know I will never eat meat again.  But to have that willpower you have to want to do it for yourself, not to please someone else.

Yes i understand, I never forced him in the first place just simply opened his eyes a bit to my choices etc, I really hope he does come around as i feel its such a waste of effort already, glad to hear your veggie now too, congrats. 

Marie, I am 54. I became a vegetarian in 1980. When you date someone who is not a vegetarian, you will never feel that all is okay. If you chose to quit eating animals for dietary reasons only, then you CAN have a satisfying relationship. But if you've chosen this lifestyle because you don't want animals to suffer just so people can feed their addiction to flesh and blood, I recommend ending the relationship. Compassion is a core value. How can you feel satisfied when the other has no problem causing suffering? You can't. But you can fool yourself. If I were single, I would socialize with other vegetarians or vegans. You WILL meet someone with the same compassion as you.  And if your meat-eater says he'll try, rather than ending the relationship, you still need to know the reason why. If it's just for you, it won't work. He'll sneak his animal flesh whenever you're not around. And when you make love to someone who consumes the flesh of innocent animals, you share that energy of suffering and cruelty. I know others may not agree, but THINK about it. Marie, you deserve someone who feels the same deep compassion for animals. But you can't change your wardrobe if you don't empty out the old one that is filling your closet.

Thanks, i really see where your coming from. I would never end it with him over this as he means the world to me, im not sure how i see it yet but its all new, before it didnt bother me that he ate it, i even brought it for him, but just recently ive started to become vegan and hes going back to eating meat, like its gone completly opposite. I just feel disappointed that hes gone months without meat and then back into it for nothing, maybe he will change his mind eventually and i was a little strong, however my main reason for not eating meat and going vegan are mainly dietary, of course i care for the animals too its 50/50. I could never end it though I would never forgive myself so that is out of the question. I just wanted to see if other people had been throught similae situations.

Thanks for your help 

wow. that was beautiful

I think you should tell him that is bothers you and you want to be with someone that loves animals like you and if he doesn't ant to then reconsider it because you won't be happy if you are in love with someone that supports cruelty


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