meat eaters just love to ask where I get my protein- here is my response.

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^^ Love it haha

Actually, that isn't completely true, else 100g of spinach would have at least 196 calories from 49g protein. Unless you mean a percentage of calories? But even that seems a stretch. I will concede though that it is very easy to get enough protein on a vegetarian or even vegan diet :)

wait wait wait, what about this one, if we werent meant to eat animals why do we have teeth like dogs


omg I LOVEEE the dog pic !!

I hate when people ask me that question.  That just shows me that they have not open their mind to different foods.  Or maybe they just dont know that lots of food they eat that is meatless has protein as well.

it definietly came from the chain of command animal eaters are stupid communist

I agree ryan. if only they looked into other foods besides their meat..they wouldn't have to ask. 

LOVE IT!  That's what I am saying in my HEAD as I quote my Nutrition Professor, "there is hidden protein in everything we eat"

My college professor was a Vegetarian.  Her statement means, hidden (trace amounts) of protein is in everything.  

it's hidden? lmfao...I seem to find it pretty easily :p

Yes, hidden in most  foods you will find some amount of protein.  Vegetables, grains, nuts, beans and more!  That's why it is easy for you to find.   Carnivores are unaware of this fact, and so I enlighten them :) 


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