I haven't actually been on this forum for a long while but I'm going to make more of an effort to visit because I would rather talk to those who are supportive and understand. I'm getting rather annoyed with some of my friends. I am an avid user of Facebook, visiting it daily and I "like" a lot of vegetarian pages. I often like to share posts from these pages on to my page and I am regularly getting negative comments. Don't get me wrong, my friends are my friends for a reason, generally good people, but when I post something about vegetarianism my meat eating friends get defensive and negative like I'm some sort of preacher!
First of all...its MY Facebook page. I'm not personally attacking anyone. Your own Facebook page is there for you to share the things you like and are passionate about, right?? Secondly, I often tag friends in these posts but those friends in particular are also vegetarian or vegan...I've tagged them because I know they'll enjoy it.
Thirdly, I found since being a vegetarian that I am happier, healthier and more at peace so if I want to share that then why is that bad?
Fourthly, I actually think some of these people get defensive because they know they're doing wrong...ha! But I won't say that because I'm a laid back person who doesn't like to continue the arguments if someone starts them.
Last of all, like I said before, its my page to do what I like with. I have plenty of friends who post annoying/boring/stupid shit but if I don't like it I'll just scroll past it. Not add a comment of attack!!
Okay so this was my rant. Does anybody else have similar problems to this? How do you go about it? Luckily I can just let it go, and i do also have a lot of supportive meat eating friends as well but I know that next time I post something I'll get the hate again from those few.

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eating meat is a hate thing, don't think you can change a lot of people they run a lot of negative and very unloving values, not that some meat eaters are not nice too, but I find that musicians and philosophers and poets tend to the vegetarian vegan stance. 

You should look forward to irritating them if they wanna act like flutes then treat em that way

It effectively reflexes the quality of a person!  Although it was not you who judged them, but they actually judged themselves by uncovering their own ugliness.

It is exactly our rights and good wills to share our love, compassion and well-being with the world. When people get offended or feel uneasy with others' good intentions, it is obviously their own faults.

The degree of a person fighting against compassion reflexes the degree of his cruelty. The degree of a person fighting against conscience reflexes the degree of his immorality.

All vegans and vegetarians don't like to argue because their developed empathy has made them peaceful and lovely.

The duality world is a gigantic battle field between positive and negative energies. Just to remember that we ourselves are so fortunate to become a genuine, loving, compassionate and conscientious person is more than enough to block the negative energy. And our assertiveness on justness makes us attractive.

I never argue with people when they are being negative about things like that. I just say to them that this is very important for me and I'm doing something beautiful. After that most of them shuts up and respect my beliefs. Try that :)


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