Hello lovelies,

I have a bit of a specific question to ask, about Cruelty-Free lip products.

It is extremely dry here this time of year and my lips are dryer and more irritated ever. And that's saying something because I've always had extremely dry lips. But this year they are itchy and have been swelling up which I've never had happen. So that brought me on a search for a lip product that is medicated and healing. It's important to me to find a Cruelty-Free type of product. Or if anyone has some Cruelty-Free home remedies, that might be nice too. Whether I buy it in store or online, it doesn't really matter but any ideas will be appreciated!



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You can can buy 100% pure jojoba oil on the internet at http://www.wholesalesuppliesplus.com/ProductDetail.aspx?CatalogID=2...

Jojoba oil is the closest natural oil to sebum (the oil found in human skin). I use it as a hand moisturizer, on my lips, scalp and anyplace thats dry. It's a little pricy but it's better commercial lip product or lotion available and doesn't clog pores. I can't sy enough about it. 

   Thanks! I just got back on this forum so that's why my reply was delayed. Fortunately, my lips are not irritated anymore like they were. At one point I used Olive Oil, in a Lip Gloss roller. Not sure if that's what made my lips better but I'm just glad not to be miserable. I will most definitely look into the jojoba oil next time (and I like the idea of using it as a moisturizer for other things, like you suggested!)


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