I was once a lacto-ovo vegetarian but then I became vegan but as a vegetarian I did not eat things like gelatin because obviously an animal had to suffer to acquire that ingredient. I was talking to a friend and she said she was going vegetarian. Of course this thrilled me and I was full on ready to help her out. I said the one thing I hated giving up was gummy bears because of the gelatin. Her response was "Why would I give up gelatin? Thats a vegan thing." So apparently she has heard that gelatin and stearic acid are ok for vegetarians just not vegans but I would figure that if you were a vegetarian for moral reasons, that gelatin would be just as bad as meat. I have heard other people and vegetarians say only vegans don't eat BUT I have a muslim friend who can't eat it because it's from a pig so how do you guys view gelatin? Is it ok because it's not meat or do you treat it just as you do meat? For the record if you do, this is not an attack, I had just always viewed gelatin as I did meat. If you do view it differently why because i really would like to see both sides of this so I can help my friend out. Thanks in advance

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^^ Agreed

I see it exactly the same way, even when I was a vegetarian It wasn't like oh its just gelatin, no it was meat, a part of an animal and even my friend who is not a veggie says that if gelatin is in she can't eat it because its PORK not an animal product but meat

I would say gummy bears starburst and skittles are not veg friendly, gelatin to me is like eating meat I agree with you on that. I even ask myself why even meat eaters would want to eat such a nasty thing. I think if people really knew what was in their food they'd think about it twice.

skittles actually are gelatin-free now (:

That's great because I love Skittles, and when I read above that they had gelatin in them, my heart skipped a beat. XD I'm going to have to be more diligent about consuming foods with gelatin and stearic acid in them. 

actually, I think skittles may have carmine in which is made of insects; so if you are a true vegetarian I'm afraid you still can't eat them

A vegetarian that eats bones and organs (etc) from an animal?  Doesn't sound right to me!  I've always avoided gelatine.  By definition we don't eat anything that was part of the body of an animal!

Okay so most TRUE vegetarians see it the same as me, I guess there are some who either don't know or who just want to say oh yeah Im vegetarian but it gives people a misguided view of what it is to be a vegetarian.

I'd say so but the matter can become complicated.  

Interestingly the Oxford Dictionary defines a vegetarian as:

A person who does not eat meat or fish, and sometimes other animal products, especially for moral, religious, or health reasons.

Meat is described as:

The flesh of an animal or bird as food.

Flesh is described as:

The soft substance consisting of muscle and fat that is found between the skin and bones of a human or an animal.

My understanding, based on that, would therefore be that some forms of gelatine would be ok but how you'd be able to differentiate I don't know.  Still I'd disagree with the definitions anyway.  I think they're pretty poor despite being from a great source.

I couldn't agree more!

You either are a vegetarian or not. You can't have it both ways. It's not like "hmm, well, that's not flesh so I can eat it". You either quit all products that come from any part of an animal or you just don't quit any. That is vegeterianism to me. And after all, if someone doesn't want to quit all meat products they are not obliged to do it, they just shouldn't define themselves as vegetarians. Being picky doesn't work with vegeterianism/veganism.

I am vegan by the way :)

Gelatin is made of hooves and bones... body parts of animals.. that isnt vegetarian.

Anything made from animals isn't good for us humans. Many believe but so little knows the truth.

If anyone reach deep in his/her heart would find answers what we write! Open heart to find answers, and that answers lead to life, desire to liive, love and be loved in return :)


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