Hello there!

I have been wondering about something for a few months now, hope someone can give me advice on this!

I have been a vegetarian for about 3 years now. I injured my knee 2 years ago, and I've got a constant pain since then, and no doctors can identify nor diagnose anything on any tests (basically, i have had all the tests possible and seen them myself and they don't show anything at all). Now, a couple of days ago I woke up and randomly my wrist hurts (I know it sounds very paranoid!), I wonder if I just sprained it while asleep or if I'm just lacking any nutrients because of my vegetarian diet.

I don't consume diary but rennet free cheese, I do not eat fish, I eat Quorn and tofu once in a while, drink my rice milk with all the extra vitamins and I take the q10 coenzyme supplement.

Shall I be worried about this? Do some vegetarian people get joint/ligament/muscle problems merely because of their diet?

You read so much bull***t against vegetarianism on the internet, that I'm wondering what is true and what not!

Thanks in advance! :)

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I'm not sure about your age, but I'm wondering about your Vitamin D levels. Have labs been done? 

I'm 27. Last time they were good (just the albumin a bit low).


I doubt you sprained your wrist in your sleep, and I have never heard of "join pain" as a side effect of Vegetarianism.  However, the majority of joint pain is due to inflammation.  Check out this website and list of foods to intake in order to elevate some signs and symptoms.

feel better soon

Thank you both! :)


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