A co-worker ate a BIG mushroom from farmers market for the first time and said, "that mushroom is exactly like beef." To which I replied "Except for the fact that one had a heart."

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Haha that's a good response ;) I hear that a lot, mushrooms being used as a replacement for meat because of their texture. Whatever works for people!

Yep, I am a portabella mushroom burger fan for sure.  It's what I bring to grill for BBQ's.  Almost that time of year here.  Where do you live Lauren?

Oh my goodness! Portabella :) I dig your taste haha. I live in the midwest,

I am not familiar with the mid west, but you seem progressive and a bit of an old soul if you don't mind me saying.  I live in California, and coming from an "older lady" this is meant to be a compliment ;)  More power to you and the Portabella Mushroom!

I don't mind that at all, thank you :)! I definitely take that as a compliment xo A Cali girl! I've heard that California is very vegan/vegetarian friendly?


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