Last year I went vegan for a month but had to stop because my dad said I was killing myself by not eating meat or dairy. I have been a vegetarian since but I recently decided I'm gonna go vegan again after watching Earthlings. My parents are separated so I go with my Dad every other weekend and sometimes during the week. He makes it impossible for me to be able to eat anything because everything he has at his house includes some kind of animal product. I know if I tell him about my choice of becoming vegan he'll make a big stink about it. I need a way to explain to him my choice isn't bad and that I can get my protein,iron,calcium,and other vitamins just from plants and other non animal products. I just don't know how to explain to him though. How would I be able to convince him otherwise?

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Do you think he'd sit down and watch 'Forks over Knives' with you? Dr.Caldwell Esselstyn explains why we need to stay away from animal products. His book, 'Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease' is also a good suggestion.

I might be able to convince him to watch that movie, not read though :l

I got my mother to watch it age 76 and she's gone mostly vegan, it's on Netflix.

Plus make sure you take plenty vitamins.

Get him to watch Gary Yourofskys "the best speech ever"

That's a good idea, I watched that last night.

^^ Very true, Gerett.

isn't there a Like button somewhere here? ^_^

A good thing might be to have him go with you to see a dietitian. They can not only inform him that you most certainly will not die, they can advise him on the things vegetarians/vegans are sometimes deficient in, so he can plan accordingly. Not one health organization in the United States denies that you can live a healthy, optimal life on a vegan diet.

That is a good point. Meat-eaters are also prone to being deficient in certain vitamins, but you never hear people say to them, "Omg you eat meat? Aren't you worried about diabetes? You are going to get cancer! How can you give those cancer foods to your kids?!" No one ever says this to meat-eaters, but EVERYONE says it to vegans/vegetarians, especially the mothers who are raising vegan/vegetarian babies. Yet we're the ones pushing our beliefs on others? This horrible stereotype of the weak and frail veg*n needs to stop being perpetuated, because there is a vitamin we have to be a little more careful around. 

I am pro-multi vitamins for sure Ger :) I just rather hate supplements, because people misuse them, but you are very intelligent so I fear not for you! 

I would continue to try to convince and persuade him that you are in the right, but if he refuses to listen/see, then just start bringing your own food over when you visit him. Tell him that you want to continue to have him in your life and to also be able to eat what you choose. Best of luck to you!

Perhaps you father doesn't understand how to prepare foods that you can eat. You could take something with you and prepare it yourself. I often take food with me when I am eating with friends. I talk to them ahead of time and make enough so everyone can at least have it as a side.

I think it depends on your dad's personality. Is he the type of person that needs paper evidence? Or is he the type of people that is more intuitive so watching "Forks Over Knives" may appeal to his emotions and work on him? Maybe if he needs paper evidence you could go get bloodwork done to prove you are getting all of the nutrients you need (I don't know that they would give you a paper copy of the results or anything, but telling him may be enough). I think it's important to know how your dad treats new information and that way you can devise a way to inform him!! Good luck!!


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