Last year I went vegan for a month but had to stop because my dad said I was killing myself by not eating meat or dairy. I have been a vegetarian since but I recently decided I'm gonna go vegan again after watching Earthlings. My parents are separated so I go with my Dad every other weekend and sometimes during the week. He makes it impossible for me to be able to eat anything because everything he has at his house includes some kind of animal product. I know if I tell him about my choice of becoming vegan he'll make a big stink about it. I need a way to explain to him my choice isn't bad and that I can get my protein,iron,calcium,and other vitamins just from plants and other non animal products. I just don't know how to explain to him though. How would I be able to convince him otherwise?

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i agree. was about to reply the very same thing.

and Adia Rose, "killing yourself" he says? you won't have problems making a stand on that i'm sure. there's plenty of facts and resource persons that and who could prove one doesn't get killed by being vegan if diet is the only culprit. just put your act together then wait figure out the right time to tell him. probably bombard his email with info ^_^... you'll know best.

THE YOUNG WOMAN: You know, to me this is a funny sort of lunch. You begin with the dessert. We begin with the entrees. I suppose it's all right: but I have eaten so much fruit and bread and stuff, that I don't feel I want any meat.
THE PRIEST: We shall not offer you any. We don't eat it. 
THE YOUNG WOMAN: Then how do you keep up your strength?
THE PRIEST: It keeps itself up.
- The Simpleton of the Unexpected Isles, Prologue, Sc. III

Source: George Bernard Shaw was born in 1858 and lived to be 94 years old! Not a lot of people lived that long back then (or now even) and he is a very famous outspoken vegetarian.

That's awesome

Get the book diet for a new america. Author John robbins. And make your parents read it.

just watch supersize me lol


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