Hello Everyone. My name is Faith and I have been a vegetarian for 6 years and don't regret a single moment. I would love to make some friends that understand why I do this and don't always ask me what I can eat.

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Thank you

Thanks :)

Hey Faith! I'm Leann. I'm completely new to vegetarianism because it's been a struggle for me. My parents are kind of your stereotypical WASPS and so we eat a lot of meat in my home. If it was up to me, I would have been vegetarian for a lot longer than I have been. It's just hard with the food they buy. :/ Anyways, I was wondering, do you have a romantic partner? If so, are they vegetarian? My girlfriend isn't and I'm kind of worried for when we move into together/get married. Sorry if that's off topic... >./p>

I'm new to vegetarianism too (since May this year), mostly because of it being difficult to do while still living with my family.
I moved out (and moved into a new place with my boyfriend) in May, which is why I made the change then. My boyfriend isn't a vegetarian either, but that hasn't been a problem for us living together at all.

The main important thing is that you both respect each others decisions and don't try to pressure each other into changing those choices at all. 
I cook a lot of vegetarian meals, obviously, but I do also cook my boyfriend meat in some meals. If I was to refuse to do this, I would be being selfish and making life difficult for the person that I love and care about. So, I cook meat for him sometimes, although he does enjoy all of the vegetarian food I cook too and has been very happy and supportive trying all of the new recipes I've been trying.
When it's his turn to cook, he always cooks vegetarian food and puts extra thought and effort in for me. 

So, it's all about respect and give and take. As long as neither of you try to make life difficult for the other, to respect and support each other's lifestyle choices with food, there is no reason for your differing choices on food to have any negative effect on your relationship :)

I love that you made a point to say both partners must be respectful! People really do believe that we try and turn everyone around us vegetarian / vegan and it's not true! It's actually pretty annoying!

Thanks, I think it's really important to respect each others decisions and not to pressure the people you love and care about into anything. He knows why I became vegetarian, and understands it. I think he feels it would be difficult for him to change too, but one day he could change his mind. It's up to him though, and pressuring him or making life difficult for him would be wrong. 

It will mean so much more and be such a more beautiful thing to happen if he comes to the decision on his own and joins me :) 

You're right, veggies can have a bit of a reputation for trying to force our views onto other people, which is annoying to live with. Although I get plenty of meat eaters trying to argue/debate the subject with me when I really just don't want to.

Welcome here, Faith! I'm a vegetarian for 1.5 years, currently mainly vegan. I enjoy every moment of being a vegetarian too! I hope that you will enjoy here.

Welcome Faith

I've been vegetarian 2 years 1 month and I really enjoy it too, every meal I make or have made for me, delicious.

I hope you're enjoying it here too


It is wonderful to know you loved being a vegetarian. ^_^

Hey girl - welcome! I'm pretty new at this site too and I think you'll like it! I joined for a similar reason - I just wanted to be surrounded by people who accepted and lived my lifestyle!


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