Okay so...where do I begin? So like, I'm 14 and I've recently become a vegetarian about a week ago...and my parents managed to accept it eventually, but they're really annoying me because they keep on arguing with me saying that my research is not entirely correct. What could I say to prove them wrong, but along with being nice and not so...aggressive? Because you see, my parents are...well...strict, so it's quite difficult to argue with them, especially my dad. Any information or some tips will be greatly appreciated :3 Thank you!

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Thoreau once said that if you're going to convince someone they're wrong, you must do so from their point of view. They're not going to accept your rationale, so you must show them in terms they understand. 

I grew up being told that we needed meat and dairy for strong muscles and bones. I know that's not true, and that there are far healthier ways to get protein and calcium. I would suggest doing lots of good research about their lifestyle (not yours) and show the shortcomings of it. Also, find information from a source they'll accept, not from a vegan/vegetarian source. There's a surprising amount of information out there from news sources they might accept. But most importantly, just keep doing what you're doing, and let them see the results. The results are hard to argue with. ;-)

Hi, welcome to the site, and vegetarian living!  If you could expand on what "research is not entirely correct" according to your parents?  It would help us give you better ways to handle it.  Is it regarding the cruelty towards animals, or the fear of vitamin deficiency to your body?  Or both? 

Negotiating is an adult way to get what you want, and still keep your parents satisfied.  Ask them if they'd agree to a "two month" trail period eating as a vegetarian.  If they give you the courtesy and respect to do so.  In turn, you will agree to cook for them one night a week during that two month period.  It would be vegetarian meals of course, so you might have to agree to do the dishes as well (hee).   But in the end, they will see you are serious about the lifestyle change, and that this isn't just a fad or fling.  After two months, you can reassess your situation and go from there.

Good Luck

It depends on the reason you have decided to become a vegetarian. Is it ethical, health, or environmental, or perhaps some other reason. What ever the reason is for you, suggest some books pertaining to this topic to you parents. I went through this as well and am still having these arguments with my parents. They may not even read them however, showing them with by education and example is a good way to start getting them to understand. I found that when I became a vegetarian I was running into situations in which I was questioned why and then was slapped in the face with myths people have heard. The most famous being, we were given k-9 teeth for a reason, why not use them? And, Evolution made us top of the food chain for a reason. Anyway, I found that I had to educate myself before I could educate and spread the knowledge.

You could also try cooking some healthy and delicious meals for them and show them what it is all about. 

Good luck!

You are from australia right? Show them this http://www.international.to/index.php?option=com_content&view=a....

I can tell you to show your parents scientific data from good sources on the internet... But if your parents are like mine, whatever your going to do, they will never admit you're right. Just keep a low profil, do your thing on your own (but don't be apart). With time they will accept it.

And hang on, they are probably thinking that's just a phase

Rather than thinking how to prove them wrong, ask them where they think your error in research is. It's good for everyone to be enlightened, and a debate (preferably not heated) is a good way to think out thoughts, and get to the underlying feelings. 

I absolutely agree that my current research (on anything) is not entirely correct. Science and nutrition is growing and we learn more everyday. But I can say, as of now, with what I have been shown, I choose not to eat animal products. I'm willing for others to show me their side, so that I may research that also. 

I'm sorry you're going through this rough spell so young, it's hard enough for me as an adult to respond to some of the illogical things I hear on why someone should eat meat. But you'll hear this for quite some time, from everyone you associate with. It's good you are finding your answer to these things that will be posed to you.

Basically when someone attacks your believes it's because your thoughts threaten their reality. I'm not saying this about your parents, just people in general. And as compassionate as you are for animals feelings, how much more so to be compassionate about your parent's feelings?

And, rather than thinking of them as strict, maybe it's more that they are caring, concerned. Vegetarianism isn't the norm for most. They are probably truly concerned for your well being. 

Hopefully you have open communication in your home, and this will come to an agreeable compromise. I love Julie's idea of cooking (and maybe doing the dishes), you could also show them the nutrition quality of the meal you prepare! That might help. Good luck, and let us know how it goes!


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