Hello all,

I would appreciate some advice.

I am trying to quit meat and alcohol all together (with the exception of the occasional glass of wine). Right now I think I'm reaching the point of dependency and that is NOT where I want to end up, especially given that my dad was an alcoholic and that is partly what took his life in the end. ANYWAY.

I feel comfortable saying that I have cut red meat out of my diet. The thought of eating it makes my stomach turn. I still love chicken and turkey though. I don't eat seafood, either. I know the torture that animals go through and it breaks my heart, but for some reason it isn't enough to make me stop eating it.

I am in the navy, and whether I like it or not, $300 is deducted from my pay for meals, so I don't get to be picky. Let's be honest, the food isn't that great but it's edible. But they aren't very veggie friendly. They offer salad, but not a lot of variety for hot foods...and the hot food almost always has meat. (for example, taco tuesday, burger wednesday, spaghettti thursday, etc). There is always meat....if you want to call it that. I had a "chicken" burger the other day that I couldn't finish because I kid you not it wasn't chicken!

Okay I'm going to stop ranting and get to my point. I have tried quitting cold turkey. It worked for about a week, but I was back at it. What are some suggestions to stop? Also, my husband eats meat. Not really red meat anymore, but he loves chicken as well. So it's hard to escape it because if it's not at work, it's at home. He is supportive of me not eating meat, but it's hard to not eat it when it's right in front of me.

How did/do you not eat meat? What steps did you take to quit? What are some good suggestions to get protein without eating meat?

I appreciate the input! Thanks ya'll!

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i guess if ur food options are limited while offshore u might have no choice but 2 eat the meat =(.  that rly sux


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