Hi Everyone!

I'm Kitty, I'm 26 and I'm from Cheshire, UK.

I'd always wanted to be Vegetarian when I was little but never had control over what I was eating, When I eventually moved out and got a house of our own with Karl, My husband, I decided that I'd eventually go Veggie but didnt get around to it until now.

I've been Veggie since 8th December last year, so not long, nearly 2 months.

I'm finding it ok to begin with and I know how to check ingredients and packaging to see what is Veggie friendly and what isnt. I'll miss jelly beans I must admit! But for me, Being a Vegetarian is worth so much more than being able to eat jelly beans!

I had my first Vegetarian Christmas last year and was fine, didnt have any meat and made my own Vegetarian gravy too! I really didsnt miss having turkey or beef so was really proud of myself :)

I decided to join to get to know all of you lovely people and to share recipes and tips on food etc so really looking forward to chatting with you all :)

I would eventually like to give up all dairy products. Is it true that for the Milk industry to obtain Milk that they kill Calves? Thats what I heard anyway and thats why i would eventually like to give up all dairy products too, i just dont know what I'd replace cheese and yoghurts with etc? I know about Alpro Soya Yoghurts and Soya Milk etc, Is there a cheese alternative though?

Sorry for the essay! Just wanted to say Hello and i always tend to just ramble lol

Kitty x

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Hi there Kitty. :)

Oh wow I'm from Cheshire too and I'm also a new vegetarian (although I started my new lifestyle in August). ^^ And yes I have heard of cheese alternatives but I have no idea where you'd be able to find them. I'm going to take a guess at health food shops as I've seen them sell tofu, substitute eggs, soya, etc.

Emz x

Congrats on turning vegetarian, that is wonderful. You are making one of the best decisions you'll ever make- at least that's what most people say :) For me, it certainly was. There were a lot of foods I missed too, but then I came to realize that veggie replacements are SOOOO awesome, that I could find a vegan version of EVERYTHING I used to love! xo! Now you'll hear food  snobs try and condemn you for this, but you do whatever makes your journey easier, it's about the animals, not the ego. I wish you loads of luck, can't wait to see more of you around here xo


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