New here, need advice on getting protein for putting on Vegetarian muscle!!

Hi everyone! I'm Seth, I'm 27 and have been vegetarian all my life! I eat A LOT of veggie burgers, vegetarian Mexican and Indian food, fruits, nuts, seeds, and protein shakes!

Recently I've been consistent about exercising regularly for a year and my meat-eating buddies at the gym can't believe my gains or the fact that I'm vegetarian! This has given me confidence to get stronger than them!

I've been experimenting with mock-meat products such as most Yves products like the 'Good Dogs' and 'Bologna slices', along with Tofurky brand.  I'm also doing stir-fry dishes with 'seitan' too and quinoa!

Please share your diets and meals with me :D

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hey seth.

eat mixed beans. they are very high and you get complete protein. one container can give you like 60 grams of protein. 

Hey there! The good news is, to build muscle, you do not need much more additional protein than you do now. Meat-products have nothing to do with gaining muscle mass. If you plan on competing, I believe it is recommended you go up to 1.2 or 1.4 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight every day. It was either-or, one of them is for professional runners, so I think 1.4 for professional muscle building.

By the way, I'm going by the college of Sports Medicine and the Dietetic Association, etc., not personal opinion. Too much protein is harmful, and unneeded.

How is it harmful?

Well, when you think about it, many sources of protein also add fat to your diet in some way, but as a Vege/Vegan you shouldn't have too much of a problem with that. Too much of anything is bad for your body. For one thing, all the extra protein will just get 'thrown away' by your body but the added calories and protein actually causes stress on your organs.

Oh... Cool. Never thought of it like that...being stressful.

You will get a decent amount of soy protein from the garden burgers and such, but if you are looking to gain muscle you'll need to ramp up your excercise in addition to your protein intake; weight training or crossfit for example. Further, try to get protein from a variety of sources: hemp, soy, rice, lentils, pea protein etc. for a good all in one protein powder I would recommend the vanilla warrior blend made by Sun Warrior. Best tasting in my opinion but there are others out there so check it out and check out the athletes group here for good advice. Good luck man!

Lo Seth,

The most important thing is recovery of your muscles. Don't focus too much on stocking up on protein before your workouts because it's really unnecessary.  Any excess nutrition you ingest through your diet is literally pissed away. I would suggest reading Skinny Bastard if you'd like some references through a solid mainstream.  If you are eating products with eggs and milk in it as some of the stuff you eat does then I would suggest egg whites from a health teacher's point of view. However, as a striving Vegan I'd personally stick to your dark leafy greens and nuts. A solid salad can do wonders in the weight room. I know from experience and training for sports and classes.

Hi! I don't know about the american nutrition recommendations but in Sweden we recommend a total of 1.2-1.7g protein and 6-10g carbs per kilogram bodyweight and day for athletes. Like other people have said, overdosing on protein is totally unnessesary. It will only put extra strain on your kidneys since they are the ones who has to filtrate out the excess protein. A common recommendation is also to ingest a maximum of 20-30g protein in one serving/meal cause that's what the body is able to put to full use - musclebuilding, the rest will be used as an energy source or be filtered out with the urine. If you want to upp your proteinintake, have a "normal sized" proteinshake one to three times a day between your main meals, instead of other between-meal-snacks. There are some good Vegan protein powders on the market so there would'nt be a problem finding a good one. Good luck!

Be very selective when buying and eating mock  meat products.  Lots of other things in there that are not really good for us; the various oils and additives.  Be careful with soy and soy products.  Many physicians, including Dr. Esselstyn, do not recommned soy because of issues with breast cancer. (Yes, guys get it too!) Stick to the real stuff as you have been.  The fruits, veggies, lentils, nuts and such.  Have fun weight training!!


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