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So I was curious if anyone else has experienced something similar to this.. I've recently decided to become a vegan after being vegetarian for roughly eight months. The guilt that I felt eating dairy and eggs was enormous, to the point where I could not ignore it any longer. I thought that becoming vegan would alleviate that guilty feeling, but I still have this overwhelming nagging feeling that I'm doing something wrong every time I eat anything that isn't a completely whole food. I always think that there could possibly be some hidden ingredient that I'm unaware of, or something that I think is vegan that might not be. Any one else ever feel this way? What did you do to overcome it?

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I feel it to a small degree, mostly with mistrust for ingredient labels since "natural flavorings" is like a vegan's natural enemy haha. I would say though, this guilt is not well earned! Congrats on going vegan, just enjoy it :) You may or may not accidentally consume an animal product, but being vegan is a continuing learning experience. It's not about being perfect. I think it's wonderful you are so passionate about avoiding animal products but living so uncertain all the time is no way to live at all! 

I am not vegan...but I can understand what you feel.  I had a vegan diet for a short time years ago, but vegetarians also run into this problem that you are feeling...that they aren't sure if they are doing enough.

Personally, I don't think just saying, "we do our best and we aren't perfect" is enough.  I don't think that it is a bad thing to strive for perfection.  I don't think it should make any of us neurotic at all and cause us to feel guilt that causes us to do nothing at all.  That is the other side of perfection which we might be compared to a nihilistic attitude of all or nothing.

I would opt for a middle way policy.  Do the best you can and always try to do better.  If you can't, then also realize that you can't, not because that you aren't good enough, but that the world makes it impossible to be vegan completely.  Given that, there are so many ways to help save animals available other than one's own diet.  I think that is even a world yet to explore by many very hardcore vegan who might think they are perfect but don't realize that it is not so simple.

So in my view, your attempt to be vegan is noble and should open up many doors to what you can do in many other ways than only diet to help animals.  I always also suggest taking up a process of prayer for the animals we do harm unknowingly or what is beyond our immediate control.  I always pray for the life of any being that I have harmed in just breathing what to speak of eating.  Well if you believe in any subtle forces that govern the cosmos, then that might help, but if you don't, then sorry, it will just seem like some imaginary thing that has no meaning or basis in logic.

But that is all I have to offer you...good luck!

its good u became a vegan.......make sure u  read the ingredients if its free from dairy n egg eat it dont worry about ur feeling or any guilt feeling be proud u took a good decision n u r helping this planet n animals ....it happens sometimes we get doubt dont worry about it it will disappear naturally :)

Vegans for the win :) Smart advice ^-^ Enjoy being vegan! That's the best thing you can do for the animals as it is.

Thank you everyone for the input/advice! :)

I do try my best not to worry about it, but I think Lauren hit the nail on the head talking about the mistrust for ingredient labels.. you just never really know! I'm definitely proud of being vegan and I know I'm doing a great thing for the animals so, I'm going to try to worry less. This is a huge part of why I joined this site.. I wanted to be able to talk to other vegetarians/vegans since no one I know shares the same ideals and I can't really talk to anyone about this stuff. 

No problem at all :) That is very true. Don't put the pressure on yourself to be perfect and don't let other people try to do it either, it's typically people who aren't vegan and don't understand. I think it's great you have so much compassion, I wish you a lot of luck and hope you can reduce your anxiety soon! I'm at the point where I won't even eat out anymore and that can be a hassle. Blah. 

Going out to eat is such a pain! There are hardly any places around me that have options for vegans and it sucks.. I usually end up getting a "salad" which basically equals some lettuce and tomatoes with olive oil and vinegar for dressing, so boring! I've definitely reduced how much I go out to eat since becoming vegetarian, which I know is better in the long run anyways. Lately, I've been having friends over my house and we all cook together :)

Ugh it definitely is :/ Having to order the "salad" all the time always feels a bit insulting, and then they charge you like 15$ for one when you could've made a cheap one at home. :( You have friends over and you cook together?? That sounds so nice ;__;!

I do! It is very fun and a lot less expensive. I like to make them try some of my vegan recipes and most of the time they will, but usually end up cooking some type of meat separately for themselves :/

That's such a great activity to do with your friends, I wish mine weren't so lazy. How fun that would be. It's good that most of the time they opt out for your vegan recipes :) That is definitely a step forward. When I last visited one of my friends, her and her meat-eating boyfriend both ate vegan with me for the entire time, I felt very... I guess respected. You are right, it can be such a bonding thing (when it's not seperating us haha)


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