Hi all. I'll just be frank. I'm looking for any and all experiences that differ from my own. 

I stopped eating meat and became a vegetarian last year, losing 30 pounds without exercise. I plateaued at 140 pounds and decided to become a vegan (assuming, at the time, that the remaining weight was probably due to dairy). 6 months later I'm now 125 pounds - the same weight I was before I had my three daughters. And I still don't exercise.

I don't claim that becoming a vegan will make anyone lose the same amount of weight. Hell, I don't claim that it will make ANYONE lose ANY weight. Especially since my younger sister essentially "taught" me how to live on a plant-based diet and she can't seem to lose any weight at all.

I've just come across so many veggies that are actually struggling with their weight (actually gaining weight since eliminating meat) that I wanted to know what your experience has been like. Honestly. 

1.What do you like (and hate) about eating plant-based? 
2.OR What interests you about the lifestyle? 
3.What question do you wish you had answered?

Feel free to blab away and add "unnecessary" information. I hope to become an informed resource on this topic one day and it helps to know what people are actually thinking.

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It wasnt a personal attack onto you. But, a view on another perceptive on choices and  that was as simple as it was that got blown up.I did connect to and poverty to choices. .Just because you dont, doenst mean I cant  see  it at a different view and response..Its more you think i should see things from your view and I can not but from my own. I expect others from their view because their view of things is different then mine.

What agenda?Because I have other views then your own?You got offended once you do you see everything as an attack. Whole post is you angry and unset and me saying HELLO youre taking it the wrong way put yet still at in a defensive manner.One should back off if their getting this offended .So ill bow out have a nice day

I am a vegan just like you I no reason to kick under other vegans or the cause .But,I voice my view on choices from other views and see things differently.I am not trying to be nasty at all here just a misunderstanding and if u can take as that .I am sorry. I didnt make an assumption on your idea on poverty I said we differ because you got offended and I explain my understanding on poverty  levels to you,

 quote :We just differ in our view of what actually poverty and impoverished is.People struggle of all social classes to get by.For example : Being in the suburbs struggling is not poverty or impoverished.Yes, we can be poor or income on borderline, but not impoverished or in poverty.A lot of obesity is also about being poor and poverty(food privilege)

You're just not getting it. I shall restate: I don't have any problem with your opinions, nor do I disagree so much along the lines that you seem to think that I do. I did not take what you said as an offense and I would never even think along the lines of personal, as I don't even know you. I hope that is clear enough for you to understand.

I have been very clear in what I have said thus far. What I find bizarre is your comprehension of the posts that have been written, as well as the approach you take to present your views. As I said before this discussion could be about anything--airplanes,mars, or dirt for all i care. What is concerning is how you altered things that I said or simply made things up. My responses have been factual and to the point, not angry. You continue to interpret things in a very strange light. 

Im not going to sit and argue the point of certain things. But, i am going to say this and i wont go no futher .This whole post youve had the right to say whatever you please, misunderstood, and made it about a personal attack,tried to make it about some random agenda, tell me i dont have right to see things as I do or express them in a manner you see fit.

While whole time youve got the freedom to express what you thought without me being one bit offended nor did i hinder your view in anyway. I could of stopped you anytime but what kind of person would that make me?That would be unfair to you to stop your view.And, I dont roll like that. I dont hinger a view just because I dont fine it relative to my own thinking. Or think someone doesnt have a right to their perspective.

I do not believe in hindering any view anyone has even if I dont like.But, i dont take it personal either. I respect their view and I surely dont tell them what views to have.People arent me, they dont see things as I do and dont express them the same either.

If you want comment further thats fine but this has ended for me.Hope u understand  this was just misunderstanding and this is not either against you either this post.

Gaining or not trimming weight has nothing to do with Vegan Diet I think. Unless you are eating raw Veggies or fruits. Vegan food can also contain lot of calories in terms of oil, grains and legumes and things like that. If someone just want to loose weight better they go and exercise, eat less calories, think and do good and if nothing works, then consult a doctor. Veganism, I think is not about diet. It is a lifestyle which is followed by the most evolved animals of this planet. They believe in non-violences, they hate hatred, they love and they care - about everything. So just don't reduce Veganism in to a discussion about food.


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