...but, this is a serious question I need to ask.

Has anyone else NOT found the friendship/guidance/support they were originally excited about finding when first discovering/joining this site?

I need to know if I'm seriously alone in this and subconsciously trippin' or if others are feeling it, too.

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What he said ^^ :)

There are many wonderful supportive people here most of them hang in the chatroom.The forums can be a little serious for some and we enjoy the opinions and views here.But, the chatroom is more low key, and we socialize and talk about everything under the sun,its a whole lot different then the forums.I know being new it can be a little awkward, but there are a lot of great and really nice people here.You've just got to know where to look here and getting to know people is half the battle. We welcome you anytime into the chatroom to come join us.

The forum may be for quite serious topic, but you can always join the chat room.There are a lot of like-minded people who love jokes, love to talk, and of course love to support each one another!

Thank you guys! I will try that, then :)

Yes the chat room is fantastic .All walks of like very multicultural , and just some cool cats 


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