So I'm in nursing school, and I've come to realize how very little people in the health care industry actually give a care about animals, people, healthy food, and the terrible medications and treatments in western medicine. It's tough. It makes me mad. Sometimes i wonder why i am going into a career that on many levels i disagree with. I want to help people, i really do. Any advice or motivation you can give for a gal like me?

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1st you need to find a great partner with similiar ideals =]

 Yes that definitely makes It easier

Hi Amanda! I am  nurse. I work in a Cancer Hospital and I used to have this thoughts just like you. Unfortunately the things you said are real but, if you really care about animals, people, healthy food you can start change it arround you.  I had to prove through my actions and my lifestyle how important is to care about all those things.It takes a long time. Find partners with similar ideals is fantastic! And it is important to me to have cosistent arguments because people need to see to believe! To be a health professional is like this: seek and teach what is the best way for a proper lifestyle. Even if it's slow things happen!

slowly but surely :) thank you!


Hi Amanda, I have been a registered nurse for 3 years and got sick and tired of giving out medication after medication, I personally believe there is more to health than medications and would live to integrate that into my nursing, so I am now studying nutritional medicine, I hope to integrate this as an educational tool into my nursing. Your not alone at all, don't be afraid to voice opinions it may just change someone else's.

It is very good read things like this! :)

That is great katherine!

i know everyone is in awe of how fantastic Amanda is and carry on =]

Thats so cool! Ive heard of that before.

I'm a new nurse and I've struggled with this as well. I don't agree with the current view that pharmaceuticals are the only thing that can cure and that are safe. I personally would go for more natural options before going for a pharmaceutical. I also realize that some pharmaceuticals have helped. If vaccines were not invented we would not have the long lives we do now and we would not have a good quality of life. If the patient or the person you are caring for has been well informed of their actions or of the actions and effects of medications and diet and so on that you have done all you can do. As for your co workers, they know the consequences of their dietary and life actions especially if they have a medical background. I'd say that you should live by example, be true to who you are. When someone asks why you are vegan or vegetarian tell them that all animals, including humans, should be treated equally or something to that effect. I say this to most people when they ask me why. I also mention the fact that I feel better, I have more energy and so on.

Thats the one thing that bothers me, is that people in the medical field dont percieve helping people just as important as helping animals! And then they walk around with big egos acting like they are such "good" people. I hope we evolve to seeing that helping animals is just as important as helping people


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