would you stop being vegetarian if your doctor told you that you are lacking Vitamin B or E or Iron or something?

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Eating a balanced diet is necessary and iron from plants is better than from meat because you can't overdose it, which can be very dangerous. You can get iron from soybeans, lentils, tofu, garbanzo beans, blackstrap molasses, and in dried fruits like figs and dates and raisins, to name a few foods,  Also, some foods prevent iron absorption like dairy, so it's best to not eat high quantities of dairy products.

I've been vegetarian 18 years, my daughter has been vegan for almost 4 years, If it was gonna kill us, we'd be dead by now LOL. I am closely monitored due to an eating disorder and other health issues. When I ate meat, I was anemic 100% of the time. Now I am never am, NO problems with my iron levels.

I am doctor of myself actually ....but if I had ones He would be Veg of course ;)

When you say that you are a doctor of yourself, does that mean that you avoid traditional doctors, Cristiano ? By the way, I checked your profile and you have the most beautiful photos. Where are they taken ? Italy ?

No I would not.  Lack of vitamin deficiency can occur either way.  Vegetarian or not, increase your intake on foods rich in the specific vitamins the MD says you are lacking.  Make sure you are not depleting your system with to much caffeine or soda.  I Google foods rich in "blank"  and type the vitamin, or mineral, for a quick reminder of what I need.  Also nothing wrong with a daily multivitamin.  Helps keep the immune system up as well. 

As far as "dying" before eating meat...my motto is "never say always and never."  However, I will state that I would probably be the one to get "eaten" ;D  Sorry but you asked!

is that last remark supposed to be slightly sexy?

Sorry, no.  I just realized your question was not in reference to DYING of hunger, and resorting to Cannibalism...you just wondered if I would "rather die than eat meat"   Reading back it does sound s a bit "raunchy"  my bad :-/"

No plans of eating any form of meat for me in my life...peace!

No, actually, yes I was speaking of dying of hunger.  I mean...what if...there were no health food stores available...we are in the middle of a jungle, and there are no humans around.  In fact almost all civilization is dead and all the farms have been wiped out.  In that case, if we were the last humans in the area, we might have to resort to meat eating, as in hunting or fishing.

In that case, would a vegetarian eat meat?  I mean the vegetarians on the board.  I mean that are the convictions of being vegetarian to those who answer this daunting question, convicted to the cause of vegetarianism for fashion reasons, health reasons, economic reasons, ethicial reasons, or religious and spiritual reasons.  The last three in the list are a bit similar.

So for the sake of survival, can we cross the boundry of our chosen lifestyle and consume what is readily available?  It would seem to me that early man lived of convenience and not of ethics, at least in terms of diet.  So our evolved sense of morality and reasoning may be something that we can easily transgresss or not depending on our committment.

So this is my curiosity.  I am pretty sure that I would eat meat if I really really had to.  I don't like to think about it of course, but it occurs to me.  It happened once already that I was in a place that had no yummy vegetables.  I was in the FEMA compound in Texas during the retrieval of space shuttle parts from that shuttle that blew up with the 7 people (one woman).  They served nothing but meat, overcooked greenbeans and an iceberg lettuce salad with bad french dressing.

I ate all the lettuce and overcooked carrot/beans that I could and felt malnourished for about once month.  I had no energy so I ended up eating the spicy chicken wings.  I didn't like it but I had to eat it or I felt I might harm my body by working so hard everyday and not eating anything nourishing.  So I ate the twice and then stopped again because I felt like I got some protein in me. I stopped also because it was grossing me out totally.

But I felt it was extreme but there could even be worse situations like when someone has to hunt to survive.

If people were truly starving they would eat each other! This is documented throughout history. However, I would not go around calling myself a cannibal because I could potentially eat another human. I view eating animals similarly. I would not choose to eat animals--but if I was starving and no other options were available I would.

The hindu scriptures talk about this as being the only acceptable situation in which a human could consume animals. In fact, if the choice is between the life of a human (your own life) or the life of an animal--it would be a sin to give up your life for an animal. This is because the human life is seen as extremely spritual and valuable.

interesting, and which scripture is that?

Fruitfly, when in Texas, didn't they have grocery stores where you were so that you could buy other food than what was offered ?

in our work schedule...there was no time but to work and go to the mess hall for meals. sometimes we could slip out after hours to walk around and ask I recall, I only found some department stores and no grocery except for a 7/11 which does not have much in the way of veggie food.


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